3 Daily Hacks You Can Do Too

Organizational Psychologist Dr. Amantha Imber shares the productivity secrets of the world’s most successful people.

Have you ever wished you could peer inside the world’s greatest minds and discover their secrets to success? Well, you’re in luck. Organizational psychologist and founder of the behavioral science consultancy Inventium, Dr. Amantha Imber has studied just that. Now, she shares the best daily habits of high achievers so we can apply these principles to our own lives.

“Asking how top performers use their time differently can unlock tremendous potential in all of us,” says Dr. Imber.

To do this, Dr Imber interviewed over 100 successful authors, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and business leaders for his number one Australian business podcast, how i work. She also recently published a book, time wisewhere she shares more of her learnings about the key routines and rituals of successful people.

women’s health australia sat down with Dr. Imber to find out what the top three daily habits of high achievers are.

Habit #1: Be careful

High achievers “consciously think about how they use their time. They play attack, rather than defense, with their time,” says Dr Imber. If you feel like you’re struggling to reach your potential, Dr. Imber advises focusing on being “aware of how you use the times of the day.”

“We all have the same amount of hours – but how you use that time makes the difference between reaching your potential – or not,” Dr Imber continues.

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Habit #2: Schedule “deep work” sessions

In the lead on the concept of “deep work”? “[High achievers] prioritize deep and focused work (instead of spending a lot of time in their inbox and on social media) and use time blocking (where they book meetings with themselves to complete their most important tasks). important).

Habit #3: Don’t rely on willpower alone

Rather than relying solely on willpower to avoid digital distractions, Dr. Imber says high achievers “instead design their work lives to minimize interruptions.” They might even use “website and app blocking tools like Freedom.to to help them stay focused on the work that matters.”

Want to know more about the habits of top performers?

If you want to learn more about the daily hacks that many successful people swear by, pick up a copy of Dr Imber’s book, time wise. “In time wiseI reveal the habits of some of the most successful people in the world and make it easy for everyone to emulate their behavior,” shares Dr. Imber.

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