30 girl names that start with “B” for your bundle of joy

Look for the letter “B” on any kindergarten class board and you’ll likely see it paired with things like “ball” or “boy.” In the case of some future parents, however, the letter “B” is for “baby girl” and these 30 girl names that start with “B”. Whether you lean more towards traditional baby names or are looking for unique options with bold and beautiful meanings, this list is filled to the brim with a wide selection of brilliant “B” names for girls.

You might be looking for a suitable girl name that starts with “B” for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re expecting a baby girl and want her name to go well with the boy name “B” you’ve chosen for her big brother. Maybe your last name starts with the letter “B” and your family tradition is to use the same first initial. Whatever your reason behind a “B” girl name, there are several solid choices to choose from. From loud nicknames that are short and sweet to “B” names inspired by pop culture icons, brilliant name choices abound when you’re looking for girl names that start with the letter “B” for your beautiful new bundle of joy.



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The baby name Bridgette means “exalted” and is of Gaelic origin. Also spelled Bridget, the name was most popular in the United States during the 1970s and 80s, according to the Social Security Administration. So if you’re looking for a “B” girl name with a vintage vibe, try Bridgette for height.



If you’re expecting a baby girl in winter (thanks to all Capricorn babies), baby name Bianca means ‘white’, as the color relates to snow. Of Italian origin, the elegant name is also a character name in two of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays – othello and The Taming of the Shrew.



The name Bella means “beautiful” and is of Latin origin. Often used as a shortened version of Isabella, the name Bella has been used as a standalone nickname since late 1990s thanks to DuskIt’s Bella Swan. The girl name “B” Belle is also a sweet option in the same vein.



If you’re looking for a “B” girl name with biblical roots, Bethany is a Hebrew name meaning “place of figs”, a village near Jerusalem found in the Bible. Bethany is also a “B” girl name which can also be shortened to cute nickname Beth.



Brianna is an Irish given name meaning “strong or virtuous”. Also spelled Briana, nicknames Bri, Bree, or Anna (although it doesn’t start with a “B”) are all viable options for this “B” girl name.



Derived from the word “bailiff”, the girl’s name Bailey means “law enforcement”. Although it was once a more popular surname than a first name (think George Bailey in It’s a wonderful life) Bailey is a powerful choice for a little girl.



A place name inextricably linked to the borough of New York, Brooklyn is a relatively popular baby name for girls. Alternatively, this girl name that starts with “B” can also be spelled Brooklynn and shortened to Brooke, Brook or Lynn as nicknames.



For a name with some star power behind it, Blake is a top pick. Your daughter could very well take inspiration from Blake Lively and rock the unisex baby name with confidence. A similar sounding option is Blakely.



A variant of the Welsh name Bryn (also spelled Brynn) which means “hill”, Brynlee is a trendy choice for a baby name that starts with “B”. Alternatively, this name could be spelled Brinley or Brynley.



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Birdie is a cute choice if you’re looking for a vintage baby name with cottagecore vibes that also starts with the letter “B”. The English name of Swedish origin was most popular as a nickname in the early 1900s, but has recently come back into vogue and has even been used by celebrities like Busy Phillips.



If you need a name with vintage vibes to go with a sibling who has an old man’s name, Barbara might be a fit. This girl name that starts with “B” is a retro pick with adorable nickname options like Babs, Barb, and Barbie.



If megastar Britney Spears is an inspiration to you, let her spirit guide your spelling choice. Otherwise, you can choose from the myriad ways to spell that baby name that starts with “B” – Brittany, Brittney, Britany, Britnee.



Blanche is a French baby girl name meaning “white”. Whether you choose the name Blanche in homage to the beloved Daddy’s Girls character or in honor of your favorite great aunt who shares the nickname, it’s a beautiful choice.



Blythe is a baby name of Old English origin meaning “joyful” or “joyful”. If you are looking for a baby name that means happy and also starts with “B” for your daughter, Blythe is an interesting option.


Be a

Short for Beatrice or Beatrix, baby name Bea is second Daddy’s Girls– inspired baby name to adorn this listing. The adorable name means “she who brings happiness; blessed,” which is exactly what your little one will be with this adorably simple name.



Let the way you experience your baby’s presence in your life inspire her name with this girl name “B”: Blessing. In the same vein, baby name Bliss is a sweet and unique option.



It’s hard to think of this baby name “B” without imagining the iconic toy story character who shares the nickname. Bonnie has another cinematic connection as the name chosen for Scarlett and Rhett’s baby in carried away by the wind. Of Scottish origin, Bonnie means “beautiful” or “cheerful”.



The French name Brielle means “hunting ground”. If you like names like Ariel and Gabrielle, but want something that starts with “B”, Brielle is a nice option. You can also add an “a” at the end to create the name Briella.



Used for both boys and girls, the Scottish name Blair means “dweller of the plains”. The meaning of the name is meant to conjure up images of meadows and fields, so it’s a cute pick if you want something that’s nature-oriented without being too obvious about it.



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Androgynous baby names like Brady are very popular right now, especially when names that were traditionally used for boys are given to girls. Brady is of Irish origin and means “one who has big eyes”.



Like the name Brady, Banks is a gender-neutral name choice that has become increasingly popular among baby girls – Hilary Duff’s youngest daughter being a prime example. Traditionally an English surname, Banks means “he who lives on the hillside”.



A first name that is both showy and sweet, Bernadette is of German origin and means “brave as a bear”. Shortened to Bernie, this could be an adorable nickname choice for your little one.



The English name Briar means “thorny patch”, and is perhaps best known to the Sleeping Beauty Fairy tale. Also spelled Bryar, the name is a unique alternative to more popular names like Brianna or Briana.



Another name to consider if you’re drawing inspiration from pop culture icons, Brandy is a female name of Dutch origin meaning “burnt wine.” This name that starts with a “B” can also be spelled Brandi.



Bobbie is a baby name of English origin meaning “shining fame”. Used sometimes as a nickname for girls named Barbara, the “that is” makes it appear more feminine than the spelling of the name Bobby, which is a common nickname for boys named Robert.



Beverly is a girl name that starts with “B” and has a variety of nickname choices, including Bev, Bevy, and Bevie. For parents inspired by the work of author Beverly Cleary (or hoping their daughter will be), this is a perfect choice.



The second letter of the Greek alphabet, this name is perfect for the miniature version of yourself you give birth to – your Beta. It’s also a super unique baby name choice in a sea of ​​girls named Britney and Blake.



For a nature-inspired baby name you probably won’t see on your little one’s class list, Birch is a girl name to consider. Of English origin, Birch means ‘shining’ or ‘shining’, but is also related to birch.



Diminutive of Elizabeth, Bess is a feminine given name of English origin which means “God is generous”. Similar in nature to names like Bliss or Blessing, Bess can also be a sequel to the name Bessie, which is sometimes spelled Bessy.



When it comes to baby name trends, nature-inspired nicknames top the list. When you consider girl names that start with “B”, Blossom is a beautiful choice for your little flower baby.

Picking a name for your baby is a big decision with limitless options. But with all the brilliantly beautiful baby girl names that start with “B” to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your beloved baby.

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