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AAK Musthafa, Managing Director, AAK Group of Companies

Starting from a single store, the business flourished and grew in the region thanks to his dynamic leadership

Published: Fri 2 Sep 2022, 09:00

Looking back on the past three decades of success in the business, AAK Musthafa, Managing Director of AAK Group of Companies, thanks his father MoideenKutty Haji, Chairman of the company, for taking him out of his comfort zone and learn the intricacies of the business. starting with the basics.

Musthafa is quick to point out that the history of the company would be incomplete without acknowledging the vision and courage of his father who traveled by sea in 1967 and reached Dubai to begin his journey. After working for a sponsor for a few years, MoideenKutty started running a vegetable shop independently. This turned out to be the first step on his entrepreneurial journey, which in 1980 turned into a wholesale store under the name AAK. Thus, AAK Group of Companies was incorporated in 1980 by its current Chairman, P. Moideen Kutty Haji, with the head office at Central Fruits and Vegetable Market, Dubai. In four decades, the company has established itself as an expert in the field. The company is well known as wholesalers, distributors and distributors of premium branded food products such as fruits, vegetables, eggs and other food products in the Middle East and Asian countries.

The company imports/sources quality fresh fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs and chicken eggs from around the world, with all of its suppliers being certified growers and producers who meet the highest standards in their respective countries. The company holds a large number of steady customers all over the GCC and Asian countries with the firm commitment to providing quality to its valued customers with high quality fruits, vegetables and other food products. The company’s experience in managing bulk orders and meeting targets on time has made it possible to respond effectively to consumer needs and provide them with quality at a very competitive price.

Today, the company as a whole has annual sales of over $330 million and is rapidly growing its business. The total workforce of employees is over 850 and is spread across the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, ensuring prompt and quality service. Building on the excellence of its past experience and services, the company introduced its products to the retail markets with new brands such as Al Kadi Eggs, Al Hana Eggs, KOKO Classic, etc. To provide its consumers with a unique shopping experience and to meet their daily needs, the company opened its own retail stores under the name AAK Freshmarket. While the foundation of the business was laid by his father, AAK Group of Companies really took off when AAK Musthafa joined his father in Dubai and decided to venture into the business in 1993. Speaking of the experience, he says, “At the time, it was not making big profits, but slowly I turned things around and changed my strategy. Again, Musthafa praises the training he received at the beginning as the reason for the success, he says, “I was able to do it because I learned everything on the job when I started working in our store. Today, AAK Group companies have about 25 wholesale stores in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The company also owns around 50 retail stores as well as their own warehouses and cold storage facilities. In addition, the company sources and imports quality fresh fruits, vegetables, foodstuffs and eggs from nearly 60 countries.

“Our experience in managing bulk orders and meeting targets in accordance with given schedules helps us to respond effectively to the needs of our consumers and provide them with excellent quality at very competitive prices,” says Musthafa.

The company recently established a new headquarters on its own land in Nad Al Hamar. The grand opening of the office is expected to take place in January 2023. Additionally, the company already has a plan in place for the opening of AAK malls. The first of this project opened to customers in 2019 and other shopping center projects are already in the pipeline.

Apart from business, which is a passion for him, Musthafa is also a fitness enthusiast and goes to the gym regularly. At the same time, he is also a foodie and enjoys tasting a variety of foods. Although he loves football, he has stopped playing it now. Previously, AAK had a real football team that participated in tournaments and won trophies, including the Aslam trophy. In social engagements, Musthafa is a member of IBPC and IPA. He is also Treasurer of CH Centre, a charity based in the Gulf, Executive Director of Hope, a non-profit organization working for children with cancer in Kerala and also Chairman of Dubai chapters of various organizations including Ability Foundation for people with disabilities. Also, he is the President of the United Arab Emirates for Care and Palliative Care.

Apart from his father, his family also includes his mother Aminu, his sister Ramla, his wife Thesni Banu and their four children.

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