After woman gives birth outdoors, Safdarjung hospital plans changes

After a a woman gave birth to a child outside the emergency department of Safdarjung Hospital — feet from a trash can — in July, the administration proposed some changes to make life easier for patients — including adding a separate radiologist in the gynecology department to 40 other enrollment centers on campus .

Medical Superintendent, Dr BL Sherwal told The Indian Express that given the flow of patients and to manage the crowds, more registration centers are needed: “Currently, we have 24 registration centers and 40 more will be added. The number of patients is increasing for which we need more registration centers.

He added that they are trying to accommodate more beds in the gynecology department wards and security in the area has been tightened to handle patients coming in for deliveries and treatments.

On July 19, a woman gave birth on the floor outside the hospital emergency department, nearly 15 hours after arriving at the hospital for admission. The family had alleged that she had been forced to give birth outdoors because the hospital kept postponing her admission and failed to act in time.

After the incident, the Center transferred Dr. SV Arya and appointed Dr. Sherwal as the new medical superintendent.

“What happened is unfortunate, but it can happen anywhere with such an influx of patients and our hospital’s no-refusal policy. However, we are learning from the incident,” Dr Sherwal said. .

Safdarjung Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology wards are one of the busiest in the city, handling around 100 deliveries a day. It represents nearly 10% of all births in the national capital. Of the total deliveries, about 20 to 30 are performed surgically by caesarean section. The hospital has nearly 300 beds, including intensive care beds and high dependency units, under the obstetrics and gynecology department. The beds are used not only by pregnant women, but also by women with other gynecological problems such as cancer or anemia. It is common to see three or four women sharing beds at Safdarjung Hospital.

Regarding the reconstruction and redevelopment of the gynecology department, the medical superintendent said that it was a long-term project and that he wanted to focus on what can be done immediately with limited resources.

Other projects

Dr Sherwal said the hospital will soon have private services like other central government run hospitals with nominal rates from the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). “We plan to launch the services in October and it will be a 20 bed service. We will increase capacity as needed,” he added.

The hospital’s CT scanners stop working regularly due to an excessive number of patients, and to remedy this, the administration has requested three more scanners, which will be acquired in the next six months. More than 150 CT scans are performed on a machine at the hospital per day.

Dr Sherwal added that two more laparoscopic machines had been acquired.

There will also be an OPD screening facility where patients will arrive before being sent to the respective departments for treatment and checkups. “This service has been launched in the pediatric and medical department for now,” he added.

Dr Sherwal said the hospital intends to reduce the waiting list for operating rooms, which is over six months. “We have prepared a team, which is working to start with additional occupational therapist facilities to reduce the waiting list,” he said.

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