Conman Wayne Eaglesome had no alerts related to his name when he fled the country


A prolific con artist with more than 250 convictions was able to flee the country because there was no alert attached to his name.

Wayne Eaglesome, now known as Alexander Luce, was jailed for two years and three months in October 2018 after a Thing the investigation revealed that he was running a company despite being banned from being a director.

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The convicted sex offender was released on conditions in October, which lasted six months. In April, he was charged with breaking terms after it was revealed he was trying to rent a luxury apartment and promised to fill it with high net worth clients for $ 500 a night.

* Prolific crook accused of violating release conditions
* Prolific con artist accused of ripping off homeowners and locksmiths
* Prolific con artist Wayne Eaglesome investigated apparent parole violation involving Auckland property scam

He had twice failed to appear in Auckland District Court on the charges.

On April 21, he said he had a dentist appointment and could not attend a scheduled hearing.

Last week, his lawyer told the court that Eagleome emailed him the day before the hearing, informing him that he was in Laos in Southeast Asia.

Police then confirmed to Thing that Aiglesome had left the country. It was not clear whether police would work with international agencies to bring Eaglesome back to New Zealand. Police made no further comment.

Wayne Eaglesome, also known as Alex Bergen and many other names, has not appeared twice in Auckland District Court for his recent charges.


Wayne Eaglesome, also known as Alex Bergen and many other names, has not appeared twice in Auckland District Court for his recent charges.

On Tuesday, police confirmed that Eaglesome was able to leave as there was no alert attached to him.

Alerts appear when a person passes through customs to notify border officials that the person is wanted by a government service.

Police were able to issue border alerts on people being pursued by other agencies, at the request of the relevant agency, a police spokeswoman said.

“We can only place alerts at the border on people on bail conditions imposed by the court.

“Mr. Eaglesome was not on bail and was released at the material time. ”

A customs spokesperson said they were unable to release information about people for reasons of confidentiality.

“Questions relating to the sentencing or conditions of a person’s parole are best directed to the appropriate bodies.”

National Customs spokesman Simon O’Connor said Customs should undertake a review or investigation into how Eaglesome may have left the country, including whether the relevant information was properly shared.

“It is important and necessary to learn from this and prevent this from happening again in the future.”

On April 16, a spokesperson for Corrections informed relevant agencies of all information he had regarding Eagleome’s identity and passport details.

Thing was contacted by two people who claimed to have seen Eaglesome recently. One person believed they had seen it in a cafe in Thailand, while another believed to have seen it in Kuala Lumpur.

The scammer rose to fame over the years for turning a five-bedroom house into a backpacker accommodating up to 28 people a day, claiming to be a millionaire shortly before faking his death, and embarking on a frenzy of crime. national, staying in flash hotels posing as a priest and a doctor.

One man, many names

Eaglesome is known to have used the following aliases over the past two decades: Alex Bauer, Ari Ben Yitzhak, Bernhardt Augustus Bentinck, Alex Oliver Bergen, Wayne Blane, William Jury Conner, Wayne Drury Eaglesome, Wayne Jury Eagleson, Alekksandr Eichelbaum, Alekksandr Mikhail Eichelbaum, Alexandr Miles Eichelbaum, Alexander Mikhail Eichelbaun, Barnaby David Gordon, Xavier Edward James Phillip Grosvenor, Xavier Ignatius Grosvenor, Jordan James Halifax, Angus Harrow, William Louie Lantz, Bernhardt Longwater, Michael Macgregor, Alexander Montague, Richard Alexander Mountjoy, Alexander Baruch Friedlander Newman, Clifford James Norton, Pete Palladino, Peter Anthony Palladino, Peter Rallidino, Joseph Rose, Lantz William, Ari Ben Yitzhak, Alexandar Mikhail Yourievich, Alexander Michael Yourievich, Alexandr Miles Yourievich, Alexander Zoltan, Alekksandr Zolton and Pietro-tisza Alexander Zolton.


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