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Lawyers for Mr Davison have refused to release further details about their client, including his age, job, work history or previous sources of income, which are the subject of speculation.

Legal battle

Legal battle will unfold over six tweets accusing Mr Kumova of insider trading, misleading the market and providing inside information about New Century Resources’ failed bid to buy the nickel mine of Goro.

Mr Kumova denies all allegations and seeks general and aggravated damages from Mr Davison for an ongoing campaign and the failure to publish an apology or retraction once informed of factual errors in the cases denounced in June 2020 .

Mr. Davison’s first tweet was posted on September 20, 2019. It read: “Domestic trade is alive and thriving on the $ ASX pirate ship. US $, uh cough cough. A Tolga Kumova special,, stops to explain a 33% spike in SP, and … oh, … uh … a hardware acquisition they forgot to tell the market about.

Mr Kumova claims the tweet had defamatory meanings including engaging in insider trading, misleading the market and engaging in illegal trading activities.

The defense filed in Federal Court on February 2 denies that the tweet conveys defamatory meanings under the definitions of prohibited or illegal insider trading set out in the Corporations Act.

The defense also contends that it is true that Mr. Kumova “pumped” or “filled” shares in various listed entities by disseminating misleading and exaggerated information regarding the shares in order to promote the share price.

Other tweets posted by Mr. Davison that Mr. Kumova claims to be defamatory relate to a 2020 fundraiser by New Century Resources, which included a $ 23.8 million investment from the ASX Independence-listed gold miner. Group.

On April 24, 2020, Mr. Davison tweeted: “Tolga Kumova certainly knows when to buy & sell a share with which he is intimately linked. I did this with $ SYR $ NCZ & now $ BGL. Tolga @KumovaTolga also needs to update with ASIC law. @asicmedia “.

Mr Kumova claims that the tweet (referring to the stock codes of Syrah Resources, New Century and Bellevue Gold) is defamatory in that he engaged in insider trading and illegally bought and sold shares in a a number of companies with which he is closely linked.

The defense argues that these defamatory meanings were not conveyed and invokes a defense of justification.

The defense also reserves the right to provide further details on the defenses argued by Mr. Davison, which means that other evidence or social media posts may be produced in court or in advance to support the defense.

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His familiar Dunston Jr. is a household name in baseball – Morning Journal https://drjimmirios.com/his-familiar-dunston-jr-is-a-household-name-in-baseball-morning-journal/ https://drjimmirios.com/his-familiar-dunston-jr-is-a-household-name-in-baseball-morning-journal/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:30:31 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/his-familiar-dunston-jr-is-a-household-name-in-baseball-morning-journal/

There’s a name familiar to baseball fans on the 2021 Crushers roster. If you know Topps produces baseball cards, you’re almost certain to know Shawon Dunston Jr.’s dad, the Crushers’ fast center fielder and the first batter.

Shawon Dunston has carved out a long career in the major leagues and has been a two-time star. He’s probably best known for being the No.1 pick in the 1983 MLB Draft – taken by the Chicago Cubs. A shortstop by trade, he presented a pistol for one arm and a surprising pop at the plate, which explains his 150 career homers. He played part of the 1998 season with Cleveland but was traded mid-season to San Francisco. Dunston Jr., was five at the time and was in Cleveland with his father when the business declined.

“I came here and he was traded to San Francisco. So me and him headed back to the Bay Area. It was traded in July I’m pretty sure. I was only five years old, ”said Dunston Jr.

Dunston Jr., took up baseball, although the older Dunston wanted the younger to focus on basketball.

“I loved baseball. I told my mom I was going to be a great player, ”said Dunston Jr.

Hanging out in major league clubs and good genes produced a much sought-after teenage prospect at Dunston Jr., when he was a senior at Christian Valley High in San Jose, Calif. The Cubs ended up plucking him in the 11th round of the 2012 draft. He turned down a scholarship to Vanderbilt to begin his professional career. He played in the Cubs organization from 2012 to 2017, never topping Class A before his release.

Dunston Jr., 28, is hoping to get another shot with a major league franchise. Staying healthy has been a problem. Dunston Jr., 6-2, 195 pounds, suffered hamstring injuries and was sidelined early in the season with the same injury.

“It’s part of baseball,” said Dunston Jr.

Its excellent speed allows it to track balls hit in the gap. At home plate, his speed definitely helps his ability to reach base. He broke some cavities to get to base in a recent streak with Schaumburg. He also stole 15 goals, a team high.

“He’s a prototypical top hitter with speed who can steal goals,” Crushers manager Dan Rohn said of Dunston Jr., “He just has the ball in play and remains healthy. “

Rohn was a teammate with Dunston Jr.’s father when these two were members of the Cubs organization. This relationship led to Dunston Jr. ending up in Avon as a member of the Crushers.

This is just one of the many connections of the Crushers team. Crusher right fielder Isaac Benard is the son of former San Francisco giant Marvin Benard, who was also a teammate with elder Dunston. Dunston Jr. and Benard were batboys with the Giants one year, Dunston Jr. said. “I’ve known Isaac since he was five or six,” said Dunston of Benard, who is one of the best hitters in the world. the Frontier League.

Dunston Jr. doesn’t spend his summer driving buses and living in Avon for fun. He still has strong dreams of playing in MLB.

“It’s always my goal,” said Dunston.

And he hopes a solid finish with the Crushers can help him achieve that goal.

“I’m trying to stay warm and end the year on a high note for myself. The team’s goal is to make the playoffs and go from there and obviously we want to make it a championship year, ”said Dunston.

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Shaheen, Feinstein and Blackburn Introduce Bill to Protect Access to Breast Cancer Screening https://drjimmirios.com/shaheen-feinstein-and-blackburn-introduce-bill-to-protect-access-to-breast-cancer-screening/ https://drjimmirios.com/shaheen-feinstein-and-blackburn-introduce-bill-to-protect-access-to-breast-cancer-screening/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 22:30:20 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/shaheen-feinstein-and-blackburn-introduce-bill-to-protect-access-to-breast-cancer-screening/

July 21, 2021

(Washington DC)Today, U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) presented the Protection of Access to Life-Saving Screening Act (PALS) 2021, a bill to preserve coverage of routine breast cancer screening in women in their 40s.

The bill extends a congressional moratorium, first passed in 2015, on the recommendations of the U.S. Task Force on Preventive Services, which would advise women to begin biannual breast cancer screenings at age 50 instead of annual screenings from the age of 40. PALS law is delaying these recommendations to protect insurance coverage for free annual breast cancer screenings for women 40 and older. The accompanying legislation was presented to the House by Representatives Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) and Fred Upton (R-MI).

“Early detection of breast cancer is essential to save lives. This year, it is estimated that approximately 43,600 American women will lose their lives to breast cancer – a shocking statistic that shows why we must continue to make access to life-saving preventive screening as affordable and accessible as possible, ” said Senator Shaheen. “The PALS Act is an important law that would ensure that women as young as 40 can have mammograms without worrying about expensive deductibles or cost sharing. I urge honorable senators on both sides of the aisle to support our common sense bipartisan effort to protect women’s health. “

The full text of the legislation is available here.

The bill is supported by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American College of Radiology, American Women Unite for Breast Cancer Screening, Black Women’s Health Imperative, Breast Care of Washington, Check for a Lump, DenseBreast-Info, FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Men Supporting Women With Cancer, National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health, National Black Nurses Association, National Consortium of Breast Centers, National Hispanic Medical Association, National Medical Association, Prevent Cancer Foundation , Servicewomen’s Action Network, Sharsheret, Society of Breast Imaging, Society of Breast Imaging, Susan G. Komen, and the Tigerlily Foundation.

Last year, CBS This Morning’s “Medical Price Roulette” series featured Shaheen’s bipartisan legislation with Senator Roy Blunt’s (R-MO) legislation examining surprise healthcare costs associated with breast cancer screenings. . Senator Shaheen is used to working across the aisle to increase access to preventative screening. In January 2020, in response to a bipartisan appeal from Senator Shaheen and former Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) – and following the introduction of their bipartisan legislation to address the issue – the Defense Department agreed to d ” expand TRICARE coverage to include 3D mammography, which is the most effective breast cancer screening option.

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Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp flaunt their abs in new bikini pic https://drjimmirios.com/kyle-richards-and-teddi-mellencamp-flaunt-their-abs-in-new-bikini-pic/ https://drjimmirios.com/kyle-richards-and-teddi-mellencamp-flaunt-their-abs-in-new-bikini-pic/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 21:40:57 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/kyle-richards-and-teddi-mellencamp-flaunt-their-abs-in-new-bikini-pic/
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, 51, and Teddi Mellencamp, 39, both revealed their washboard abs in a brand new Instagram post.
  • In the photo, the ladies are lounging by the pool dressed in bright bikinis and relaxing with their feet raised.
  • Kyle and Teddi are both big fans of long cardio sessions and exercise in the great outdoors to stay in those crunches, decidedly in great shape.

    RHOBH star Kyle Richards, 51, and his best friend, Teddi Mellencamp, 39, know how to have a good time. If you’ve ever watched the show (or even seen them together on social media) then you know they’re not afraid to put it all on the spot.

    Even though Teddi is no longer on the show, she and Kyle are still doing well, according to Kyle’s latest Instagram post. In the photo, the couple pose by the pool, lying face to face with their feet raised. They might be paired up in bikinis, but fans were more concerned with their matching abs.

    “We laugh, we cry, we work hard, we play, we share stories and we lift each other up,” Kyle captioned the photo. “I love my friends ️.” The photo generated a lot of excitement from Kyle’s friends and fans alike.

    Teddi responded with a cute, “love ya Keeks”, while his colleague RHOBH Actor Sutton Stracke wrote: “a great pic”. And top model Paulina Porizkova added: “Yes for bikini friends!” (ICYMI, Paulina isn’t shy about posting swimwear photos herself.)

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    So how do Kyle and Teddi also stay in shape? Well, Kyle trains six days a week. “For me, if I want to feel good and, you know, if I’m stressed, it’s exercise, exercise, exercise,” she said. We weekly.

    Kyle mostly sticks to cardio and low-impact workouts, and she loves sharing her progress on Instagram. She is a huge fan of boxing, SoulCycle spin classes, and nature hikes with her family. “I love to hike, walk with my friends on steep hills, inclines. I just love being outside,” she said. E! New.

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    Teddi has become a fitness enthusiast, thanks to his fitness platform, ALL IN. She’s great at cardio, like Kyle, but she’s less of a biker and more of a runner.

    “I was never a runner because I was afraid of failing,” Teddi captioned an old Instagram post. “I started one minute at a time and each day got faster, and in no time I ran 60 minutes without stopping.”

    Sometimes Teddi walks in with a dance or two. How cute is this fam flash mob?

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    Teddi also enjoys boxing and she hikes as much as Kyle. But her favorite form of cardio is the jump rope.

    This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    “I can assure you that just grabbing a jump rope and screaming a favorite song, you will get amazing cardio,” she said. If that’s what it takes to get that fit, count me!

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    ]]> https://drjimmirios.com/kyle-richards-and-teddi-mellencamp-flaunt-their-abs-in-new-bikini-pic/feed/ 0 What the Buck full moon of July 2021 in Aquarius means for your sign https://drjimmirios.com/what-the-buck-full-moon-of-july-2021-in-aquarius-means-for-your-sign/ https://drjimmirios.com/what-the-buck-full-moon-of-july-2021-in-aquarius-means-for-your-sign/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:30:35 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/what-the-buck-full-moon-of-july-2021-in-aquarius-means-for-your-sign/
    • On July 23, 2021, the Buck full moon in Aquarius occurs.
    • This full moon will help you embrace your best self and let go of the enemies.
    • The moon affects all zodiac signs, but Aquarius and Leo will feel it the most.

      There are people in your life that you keep with you, just because. Maybe you feel meh about them, or maybe you’re trying to avoid confrontation but deep down you know they just don’t get you.

      Well, that’s about to change. There’s a full moon appearing on July 23, 2021, and it’s going to make you want to be a real AF, so-called friends be damned. This is called the Full Buck Moon, and it takes place in the sign of Aquarius.

      During this full moon, you’ll be striving to embrace who you are, while also being super accepting of others, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Of course, however, there is much more to it.

      Here’s what else your zodiac sign can expect from the Buck Full Moon in Aquarius, and how it will impact your life in the future.

      Wait, what exactly is the Buck Full Moon in Aquarius?

      Reality: The moon has different phases, and the moon is its largest, roundest, and brightest self when in the full moon phase.

      The name of this full moon comes from a mixture of Native American, colonial American and European sources. The full moon occurs when the antlers of male deer (also called billy goats) are actively growing, according to The old farmer’s almanac. FWIW, males shed and regrow their antlers each year, presenting themselves with greater and better support over time. #Themoreyouknow, amirite?

      The July Full Moon is also known as the Feather Molten Moon, Salmon Moon, and Berry Moon.

      This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

      How does the full moon buck in Aquarius impact your zodiac sign?

      Because this particular full moon is in Aquarius, it will make you want to be around people who accept you for who you are, even if you are a total nut at times. Because, Hello, you are only you, and people should like it. Otherwise, you know, there is the door. Suddenly you will see with crystal clarity who your true friends are, as well as those people you would be 100% cool never to see again.

      But, it’s not just about wanting to be accepted by others: you’re going to distribute a lot yourself. Yes, you might not quite see why your best friend is in love with her partner, but that’s okay. You are there to support it, and nothing more.

      It can also affect work. Do you point to a place where you feel like you can be yourself (or a decent working version of yourself), or do you feel like a total robot in the office? If the latter is the case, it might be time to shop around for your resume, just to see where it takes you.

      On the love front, you’ll want a little space in your relationship, but not a bad space. Just wanting to go on a girls’ weekend and have all kinds of support from your SO, even if you miss their space at the Summer League softball championship level. Is it too much to ask? Nuh uh.

      All zodiac signs will be affected by the Buck Full Moon in Aquarius, but Aquarius and Leo will feel it the most.

      How does the full moon buck in Aquarius impact your future?

      Embracing who you really are and focusing on people who are more than cool with it will only make you feel like you are the truest and the best of yourself. And really, you can’t go wrong with that. Ditto for weeding out people who aren’t there to cheer you on – you don’t need them, and you’ll only be happier and healthier down the road without them.

      You will also realize how nice it is to try to be the least critical version of yourself possible. For example, this is you in your prime, and you will want to enjoy it more in the future.

      If you feel like the job is no longer right for you, this full moon energy can push you to change something that is juuust right, which will ultimately make you happier and enjoy the job more. What’s not to like?

      Finally, having your SO show support for you needing a little more space here and there will come back (be sure to reciprocate when it’s their turn). A little distance will not only make the heart more loving, but will bring you both closer.

      When is the next full moon?

      The next full moon is August 22, 2021 in the sign of Aquarius (yes, again!). During this time, you’ll try to tap into your emotions a little more and let go of some of the crappy ones – staring at yourself, jealousy.

      Until then, enjoy being the coolest, most forgiving version of yourself.

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      ]]> https://drjimmirios.com/what-the-buck-full-moon-of-july-2021-in-aquarius-means-for-your-sign/feed/ 0 Linda Thompson faces candidate with name recognition and deeper pockets in fight to retain her seat https://drjimmirios.com/linda-thompson-faces-candidate-with-name-recognition-and-deeper-pockets-in-fight-to-retain-her-seat/ https://drjimmirios.com/linda-thompson-faces-candidate-with-name-recognition-and-deeper-pockets-in-fight-to-retain-her-seat/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:36:31 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/linda-thompson-faces-candidate-with-name-recognition-and-deeper-pockets-in-fight-to-retain-her-seat/

      Voters in Spokane Valley will have to choose between a moderate and two conservatives for the council’s No.7 position in the August 3 primary.

      Linda Thompson, a member of Spokane Valley City Council, describes herself as financially conservative and moderate overall. In 2008, she ran as a Democrat against Republican Larry Crouse for a 4th District seat in the Washington State House of Representatives.

      Laura Padden, wife of 4th District State Senator Mike Padden, challenges Thompson. Padden describes herself as a conservative Republican.

      Renault Patrick Evans describes himself as a centrist who leans to the right. On his campaign’s Facebook page, Evans said he was anti-abortion, believed LGBT lifestyles are unnatural, and didn’t think schools should teach sex education.

      All three candidates specifically noted that public safety would be one of their main goals if elected.

      Padden said she was concerned about an increase in gang violence in the Spokane Valley. She said she would like the city to make a concerted effort to hire more police officers. Evans said the same thing.

      Thompson and Evans have both said they would like Spokane Valley to continue contracting with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement, instead of creating its own police force.

      Padden said she was unsure whether the city should have its own police force.

      “I need to see the numbers,” she said.

      Fight against homelessness

      Many say homelessness has been seen to be on the rise in the Spokane Valley in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic and the housing crisis appear to have exacerbated the problem.

      Thompson said she was sympathetic to the city’s handling of homelessness during her four years on the council.

      For example, the city hired Arielle Anderson as the housing and homelessness coordinator this spring, Thompson noted. She said it was a great decision.

      Anderson’s job, in broad terms, is to develop plans to address housing and homelessness issues, and to work directly with the homeless.

      The fact that Anderson spends time out of the office working directly with people is essential, Thompson said.

      “I think it’s really an awareness issue,” she said. “I thought it was important that we have a proactive role. “

      Spokane Valley does not have a homeless shelter. Instead, the city sends money to Spokane, via Spokane County, to financially support the shelters.

      Thompson said she would not object to building a shelter in Spokane Valley, but if there is to be a facility, it must be done well.

      Shelter alone is not enough, Thompson said. A shelter should include support services to help people move out of homelessness.

      “There needs to be more investment in the programs,” Thompson said. “We have to give people a hand. It really pays off when you give someone a helping hand.

      Padden said she was unsure whether the city made the right choice in hiring Anderson.

      “I don’t know what his marching orders are,” Padden said. “I may or may not have problems with this. “

      Padden said she was not against the city having its own shelter, but said if the city took this route, it would have to outsource the facility, not manage it alone.

      She also noted that she was unsure whether the city should send money to Spokane via the county.

      “I wish I had more control over the money,” Padden said.

      The city must help the homeless “get back on their feet,” Padden said, but stressed that if people refused help, the city should enforce laws against them.

      Evans said he had no problem with the government helping the homeless. He said he experienced homelessness as a teenager.

      “It wasn’t fun,” he said. “I understand.”

      Evans doesn’t want Spokane Valley to have shelter.

      “I’m not really in favor of it, but then again it can become a necessity,” he said.

      He added that he was not opposed to the city financially supporting nonprofits that help homeless people.

      The housing crisis

      Spokane and Spokane Valley are experiencing a housing crisis. Thousands of people are struggling to find accommodation and prices keep skyrocketing.

      Padden said Spokane Valley City Council has limited capacity to deal with the housing shortage. State-level changes could be more powerful, she said.

      “What we need to do is push like crazy (on the state legislature) to make changes there,” she said.

      At the local level, the city could consider offering more incentives for building affordable housing, Padden said.

      “What about affordable housing zones? She said, suggesting that the city could provide financial assistance to developers wishing to build affordable housing in certain areas.

      Evans said he hasn’t given much thought to what the city can do to deal with the housing crisis.

      “I think if this was an easy answer, the city council would have solved this problem already,” he said.

      Urban sprawl could be a “necessary evil,” Evans said, simply because Spokane Valley needs to build more housing and construction has to take place somewhere.

      “I don’t want to go into a situation where there is no one family,” Evans said. “The American dream is to own your own place.”

      Thompson, like Padden, noted that state-level changes to housing development may be more significant than local changes. She said she didn’t want to see West Side lawmakers dictating what development looks like in eastern Washington.

      What the city could do is bring builders and affordable housing experts together in one room and ask them to think about solutions to housing crises, Thompson said.

      “I think we need to have a think tank,” she said. “I don’t have the answers… but I’m so open to hearing ideas and suggestions. “

      Thoughts on Matt Shea

      Some members of Spokane Valley City Council have defended Matt Shea, the former Spokane Valley State Representative, even as prominent politicians in Washington and across the country have harshly criticized him.

      Shea was ousted from the Republican State House caucus in 2019 after an independent investigation found he had committed “an act of domestic terrorism against the United States” for his role in the 2016 standoff at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon.

      Yet despite his ouster and repeated controversies, the former politician remains popular among many residents of the Spokane Valley.

      None of the candidates in the current Spokane Valley City Council primary elections have strongly criticized Shea.

      “I barely know the name,” Evans said. “I just heard the name for the first time last Saturday (July 3.”)

      Thompson said she works with all elected officials, regardless of their perspective.

      “This is what the people chose,” she said.

      “He’s not on the ballot,” Padden said. “I don’t know why you would even ask. “

      Should the city expand parks and trails?

      Spokane Valley has made several purchases of park land in recent years. In 2020, the city purchased a 45-acre, $ 2.1 million parcel near the intersection of Flora Road and Euclid Avenue. This year, the city purchased a $ 1.6 million, 17.7 acre parcel in the Ponderosa neighborhood.

      The purchase of Flora Road drew criticism from some who thought the city should not spend so much on park land amid the pandemic.

      Evans said he was generally in favor of investments in parks and trails.

      “I am a nature boy,” he said. “If we don’t buy it now, later we wish we had.”

      Evans added a caveat: the city should not outbid companies or developers for the land.

      Thompson said she is a strong supporter of expanding parks and trails.

      “I was delighted to be able to buy land in the park and expand our trails,” she said, noting that these investments are good for the health of the community.

      The riverside purchase by Flora Road was particularly valuable, Thompson said, as it will allow people to enjoy the Spokane River.

      “It’s what builds communities,” said Thompson.

      Padden said having a great network of parks and trails is a “positive for a city,” but she is not sure if all of the recent land investments were wise.

      “I think maybe they should have looked at their priorities,” she said. “Maybe it’s not the right priority.”

      Road maintenance

      Spokane Valley leaders say their roads are in relatively good condition. But the way the city finances road maintenance will have to change.

      This is because the city used a landline tax to fund road maintenance. As more and more people have cut the cord in favor of cell phones, the revenue from this tax has declined.

      All three candidates said they did not want to see new taxes payable for future road maintenance.

      Spokane Valley has a lot of money right now to take care of road maintenance, Thompson said. The city has $ 10 million in surplus funds.

      “We can use the money we have,” Thompson said.

      Padden said she didn’t think the city would struggle to pay for future road maintenance.

      “I think they already have the funds,” she said. “There’s no way we need a tax hike.”

      Evans said he was unsure how the city should prepare for future road maintenance. If there is a need for new taxes, he said voters should have to approve the tax.

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      COVID-19 cases rise as vaccinations remain stagnant in areas of Sacramento County https://drjimmirios.com/covid-19-cases-rise-as-vaccinations-remain-stagnant-in-areas-of-sacramento-county/ https://drjimmirios.com/covid-19-cases-rise-as-vaccinations-remain-stagnant-in-areas-of-sacramento-county/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:50:41 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/covid-19-cases-rise-as-vaccinations-remain-stagnant-in-areas-of-sacramento-county/

      Delta variants now account for about 83% of new COVID-19 cases in the country, and their increase is pervasive. Leerene spañol Sacramento County has had about 5 new cases in just a week, with 14.2 new cases per 100,000. The number of vaccinations is still low. Specifically, in the North Highlands region with postcode 95660, 41% of residents are vaccinated once with the COVID-19 vaccine and only 35% are fully vaccinated. There are several reasons for hesitation in vaccines. On the ground, fear, misinformation and insight among unvaccinated residents like Aurora who made an appointment for vaccination last week and withdrew after learning someone had fallen ill with COVID- 19 after being shot. I have heard about a lack of access, but according to the CDC this is not possible because the vaccine does not actually contain live viruses. “It only contains instructions for being part of the virus. It’s a peer-to-peer protein, and when you make a peer-to-peer protein, the body is formed. An immune response to that, ”he said. Dr Dean Brunberg, professor at UC Davis Children’s Hospital and head of pediatric infectious diseases, said. “I wanted to see how it worked with everyone because people react differently,” said another North Highlander who chose not to be identified. Can the COVID-19 vaccine have long-term side effects? “The FDA has called for long-term follow-up after vaccination to ensure these vaccines are safe and have no long-term side effects,” Bloomberg added. The CDC and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have found no evidence. This suggests that the vaccine has some effect on fertility. Plus, if you want to protect yourself from previous COVID-19 infections, think again. “The immune response after vaccination is stronger than the immune response after. Because it is a natural infection, the vaccine offers better protection against reinfection than a natural infection, ”explains Blumberg. Residents have access to specific information and resources. At the time of this article’s publication, neither has been answered. Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I’m healthy? “At this point in the pandemic, we have two options: vaccination or COVID,” Bloomberg said. “Over 97% of hospitalized cases in the United States are unvaccinated individuals. More than 97% of deaths that occur with COVID-19 are unvaccinated individuals. Therefore, if you want to reduce the final risk, in the hospital, if you want to reduce the risk of death, vaccination is a clear choice to receive, ”he added. Can you become magnetic when you are vaccinated against COVID-19? The COVID-19 vaccine does not contain the following ingredients: Generates an electromagnetic field at the injection site. All COVID-19 vaccines are metal free. “The vaccine does not contain microchips. The vaccine does not contain any metal. It does not magnetize when vaccinated. It’s wrong. These are all lies, ”Bloomberg adds. ..

      Delta variants are currently on 83% of new COVID-19 cases in Japan, And the rise is omnipresent.

      Sacramento County is on the rise About 5 new cases in barely a week There are 14.2 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and the number of vaccinations is still low. Specifically, in the North Highlands region with a postcode of 95660, 41% of residents I received a COVID-19 vaccine Only 35% are fully vaccinated.

      There are several reasons for hesitation in vaccines. On the ground, fear, misinformation and insight among unvaccinated residents like Aurora who made an appointment for vaccination last week and withdrew after learning someone had fallen ill with COVID- 19 after being shot. I heard the lack of access to.

      However CDC He says that is not possible because the vaccine does not actually contain live virus.

      “It just contains the instructions to be part of the virus, it’s a spike protein, and when you make that spike protein, your body forms an immune response to it,” Pediatric Infectious Disease said. Dr Dean Brunberg, professor and leader, said. At UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

      “People react differently and I wanted to see how it worked with everyone,” said another North Highland resident who chose not to be identified.

      Can I experience long-term side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine?

      “The FDA has made long-term claims [two-month] Post-vaccination follow-up to ensure that these vaccines are safe and free from long-term side effects. “

      CDC and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology No evidence has been found to suggest that the vaccine affects childbirth..

      Plus, if you want to protect yourself from previous COVID-19 infections, think again.

      “Because the immune response after vaccination is stronger than the immune response after spontaneous infection, the vaccine offers better protection against reinfection than spontaneous infection,” said Blumberg.

      KCRA 3 has reached out to the offices of Sacramento County supervisors, Phil Serna and Rich Desmond, to find out how they are involved and educated so they have access to accurate information and resources. It was. At the time of this article’s publication, neither was responding.

      Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I’m healthy?

      “At this point in the pandemic, we have two options: vaccination or COVID,” Bloomberg said.

      “More than 97% of hospitalized cases in the United States are unvaccinated individuals, and over 97% of deaths from COVID-19 are unvaccinated individuals, reducing the chances of being admitted to a hospital. If you want to reduce your chances of dying, the clear choice is to get vaccinated, ”he added.

      Can you become magnetic when you are vaccinated against COVID-19?

      COVID-19 vaccine does not contain ingredients that can generate electromagnetic fields At the site of your injection. All COVID-19 vaccines are metal free.

      “Vaccines do not contain microchips. Vaccines do not contain metals. They are not magnetized when vaccinated. It’s wrong. These are all lies, ”Bloomberg added. I go.

      COVID-19 cases on the rise as vaccinations remain stagnant in areas of Sacramento County Source link COVID-19 cases on the rise as vaccinations remain stagnant in areas of Sacramento County

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      https://drjimmirios.com/covid-19-cases-rise-as-vaccinations-remain-stagnant-in-areas-of-sacramento-county/feed/ 0
      Commissioners appoint Durrah as permanent administrator for County of Oxford https://drjimmirios.com/commissioners-appoint-durrah-as-permanent-administrator-for-county-of-oxford/ https://drjimmirios.com/commissioners-appoint-durrah-as-permanent-administrator-for-county-of-oxford/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 23:39:35 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/commissioners-appoint-durrah-as-permanent-administrator-for-county-of-oxford/

      Oxford County Administrator Donald Durrah, second from left, stands Tuesday with Oxford County Commissioners, left to right, Steven Merrill of Norway, President Timothy Turner of Buckfield and David Duguay by Byron. oxford county photo

      PARIS – The Oxford County Commission did not need the full six months to assess the performance of Acting County Administrator Donald Durrah.

      Commissioners on Tuesday removed the provisional tag on Durrah’s title, naming him a director.

      The former head of the Oxford County Regional Communication Center in Paris has demonstrated during his five months as interim county leader his ability to build relationships, set priorities, foster a work approach teamwork and problem-solving. During his tenure, he helped relieve the county of pandemic restrictions and led efforts to disorganize Magalloway into unorganized territory.

      He thanked the department heads and staff for their help over the past few months and praised them for their teamwork in finding solutions to the problems.

      Durrah joined the county in 2019 to oversee its communications center. He previously worked as a 911 supervisor for Cumberland County for almost 20 years. He succeeds Norwegian Tom Winsor, who resigned last year.

      Durrah, who retained his role as leader for the Oxford County Regional Communications Center during his six-month trial, will step down. Deputy Director Geff Inman will assume the role of Acting Director for the foreseeable future.

      Earlier in the meeting, Durrah told the commissioners about a potential plan to partner with Community Concepts to facilitate the spending of US bailout funds. The county is expected to receive $ 11.2 million from the federal government.

      Commissioners agreed with Durrah that the money should be used for projects that span the county. Among the ideas he came up with were broadband upgrades and upgrading the radio system to eliminate dead zones.

      In other cases, commissioners have agreed to spend more than $ 1 million to replace the Meadowbrook Bridge in Mason Township. The two-lane structure would replace the one-lane bridge. County road officer Todd Sawyer estimated the bridge could be in place by March 2022, with paving being completed by next summer.

      The council also agreed to appoint a sexton in each of the four cemeteries in the unorganized territories. The sexton could oversee the upkeep of the cemeteries and the placement of plots, but would not be allowed to spend the money.

      John Kimball serves as sexton at Hunts Corner Cemetery in Albany Township, but the other three cemeteries – York, also in Albany Township, Magalloway and Mason – do not have sextons.

      “I think it’s in our best interests to have sextons out there,” Durrah said. “That way they would all be configured the same. He added that cemeteries are “a touching subject for many communities”.

      Durrah said he believed Kimball would agree to serve as sextons at Mason and York cemeteries. He added that he had a lead on someone to act as a sexton for Magalloway.

      The commissioners approved spending of up to $ 8,000 of the Byrne-Jag grant for safety equipment for employees and cruisers of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office.

      Michael Fitzmorris and Joshua Aylward were promoted from assistant to corporal in the sheriff’s office and Matthew McDonnell was promoted from assistant to sergeant. Nickolas Von Husem has been hired as the new deputy of the department.

      In corrections, Daniel Landry was promoted from corporal to night sergeant, while Austin Talgo voluntarily agreed to move from corporal to correctional officer to return to the day shift.

      Sheriff Christopher Wainwright noted that calls for service are up 10% from record levels last year. Deeds and homologation are experiencing a sharp increase in the filing of documents.

      “It’s crazy. We’re so busy,” said Jennifer Dilworth Estate Register.

      She noted that passport processing, which took four to six weeks to process before the pandemic, now takes the federal government 18 weeks.

      Use the form below to reset your password. When you submit your account email, we’ll send you an email with a reset code.

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      https://drjimmirios.com/commissioners-appoint-durrah-as-permanent-administrator-for-county-of-oxford/feed/ 0
      Kaley Cuoco shares her abs and butt in Instagram story video https://drjimmirios.com/kaley-cuoco-shares-her-abs-and-butt-in-instagram-story-video/ https://drjimmirios.com/kaley-cuoco-shares-her-abs-and-butt-in-instagram-story-video/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:52:59 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/kaley-cuoco-shares-her-abs-and-butt-in-instagram-story-video/
      • Kaley Cuoco, 35, just shared several videos of her intense workout routine on Instagram.
      • the Flight attendant the actress does weighted medicine ball throws, treadmill sprints and works all angles of her abs with her sister Briana and trainer Ryan Sorensen.
      • The actress told WH that when she finds a workout she enjoys, she becomes obsessed.

        While Kaley Cuoco always goes strong in the gym, she’s clearly not joking in the new workout videos she shared on Instagram.

        In a series of Instagram Story videos that her trainer Ryan Sorensen debuted on Instagram, the 35-year-old actress can be seen lashing out at what looks like a sweet home gym. In one excerpt, she throws a weighted medicine ball at Sorensen as if it were NBD. In another, she and her sister Bri both squash a bit of cardio. (Bri goes to town on the VersaClimber, while Kaley sprints on the treadmill.)

        Cut in another clip and you can see Kaley holding the medicine ball again, carrying it over her head, then slamming it to the floor on one side of her. “If you want that sexy side, do it… a lot,” the caption read.

        The next shot shows Kaley dancing with her clearly toned butt in front of the camera before throwing the ball over her head, alongside the words “Also great for abs, booty and a good chance to hit @ryan_sorensen in the face” , she joked. .

        View the next clip and Kaley does an up and down footwork on a platform. “If you’re an Irish dancer you’ll be good at it,” she wrote.

        The final cut shows Kaley on the VersaClimber as Bri does planks with weights in her hands. “Do what @bricuoco does and look like @bricuoco,” she wrote.

        Does anyone have a chair? Because, phew! The Cuoco sisters are still here, and somehow I feel tired.

        Even though she did a bunch of different intervals, Kaley once said Women’s health that she has a tendency to cling to certain workouts. “If I do yoga, we do it every day this week… So I’m like, ‘Oh my god I have to change’,” she said. “So I’m going crazy on SoulCycle … ‘Okay, I have to change.'”

        This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

        Kaley has also shared many Instagram videos of other workouts including cardio resistance band work and jump rope… like a boss, of course.

        Take it, Kaley!

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        ]]> https://drjimmirios.com/kaley-cuoco-shares-her-abs-and-butt-in-instagram-story-video/feed/ 0 DPNI may not be as effective for twin pregnancies https://drjimmirios.com/dpni-may-not-be-as-effective-for-twin-pregnancies/ https://drjimmirios.com/dpni-may-not-be-as-effective-for-twin-pregnancies/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:17:30 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/dpni-may-not-be-as-effective-for-twin-pregnancies/

        The study in the journal Molecular cytogenetics found that the combined PPV was only 15.4% among the 13 twin pregnancies with positive NIPT results.

        “The superior performance of NIPT in single pregnancies is recognized as an almost perfect screening method, giving the medical community and the public hope that the testing technology may be applicable to pregnant women with twin pregnancies as well.” , wrote the authors.

        Recent studies of NIPT in twin pregnancies have primarily evaluated trisomy 21 (T21), trisomy 18 (T18) and trisomy 13 (T13), according to the authors, but the use of NIPT for sex chromosome diseases , microdeletions and microduplications has not been systematically evaluated.

        “This is the first prospective study in which NIPT has simultaneously detected sex chromosome autosomes and aneuploidy, microdeletions and microduplications as well as in twin pregnancies,” they wrote.

        Over a period of 4 years, from March 2016 to September 2020, a total of 1,048 twin pregnant women were voluntarily tested prospectively by the NIPT for chromosomal abnormalities by sequencing of the cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in maternal plasma. at the Maternity and Child Health Hospital of Anhui Province, China.

        Overall, 87.5% of pregnant women were under 35 and most women had no previous risk factors, thus representing the general obstetric population.

        Positive NIPT results were confirmed by karyotype, while negative results were followed 42 days after delivery.

        Among the 13 women with positive NIPT results, there were 2 cases of T21; 1 case of T18; 7 cases of sex chromosome aneuploidy (SCA); 1 case of microdeletion; and 2 cases of microduplication.

        Of the 13 cases, only 2 were true positive cases confirmed by analysis of the fetal karyotype: 1 case each of T21 and microdeletion.

        The remaining 11 high-risk pregnant women were confirmed as false positive by fetal karyotyping. There were no false negative cases during follow-up.

        The combined PPV of DPNI for screening for T21 and T18 was 33.3%, while the PPV for T21 was 50%.

        The authors noted that NIPT assesses free placental DNA, not fetal DNA, and that placental mosaicism compromises its performance in screening for fetal chromosomal abnormalities; therefore, it cannot be absolutely confirmed that the cause of the false positives in the study is limited to confined placental mosaicism.

        Studies have shown that NIPT screening cannot completely avoid false positive results, the authors say, due to confounding factors such as confined placental mosaicism, maternal mosaicism, variation in chromosome copy number and tumors. kindergartens. “Therefore, when the NIPT results are inconsistent with the karyotype results, clinicians should be patient in the process of interpretation,” they said, adding that clinicians should reasonably guide high-risk pregnant women to verify. the result by puncture of the amniotic fluid with the Z value, cffDNA concentration and ultrasound B.

        “In summary, NIPT based on high throughput sequencing is a screening technique rather than a diagnostic technique, and its performance in twin pregnancies is poorer than in single pregnancies,” the authors wrote.



        1. Cheng Y, Lu X, Tang J, et al. Performing non-invasive prenatal tests for fetal chromosome abnormalities in 1048 twin pregnancies, Mol Cytogenet. Jun 30, 2021; 14 (1): 32. doi: 10.1186 / s13039-021-00551-4.
        Source link

        https://drjimmirios.com/dpni-may-not-be-as-effective-for-twin-pregnancies/feed/ 0