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  • On September 20, 2021, the full harvest moon in Pisces occurs.
  • This Full Moon encourages you to trust your instincts and think before you speak.
  • The moon affects all zodiac signs, but Virgo and Pisces will feel it the most.

    There are times in life when you just act on instinct. You go with your gut just because it feels right and you will never regret it.

    Well, get ready to have a little heart to heart with your hunches, for there is a full moon appearing on September 20, 2021. Called the full harvest moon, it takes place under the sign of Pisces.

    With this full moon comes an undeniable urge to trust your basic instincts. You won’t question yourself; on the contrary, you’ll feel at Beyoncé’s level confident about the decisions you make, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. But, of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

    Here’s what else your zodiac sign can expect from the full harvest moon in Pisces, and how it will affect you in the future.

    What is the full harvest moon in Pisces?

    A little reminder of astronomy: The moon has different phases. When it is at its peak, the roundest and brightest, it is the full moon phase.

    The name of this particular full moon comes from a mixture of Native American, colonial American, and European sources. The full harvest moon occurs when the full moon rises almost at the same time for several nights in a row, allowing farmers a little more light at night to complete their harvests before the onset of the fall frost, according to The old farmer’s almanac. Cool, right?

    Each full moon synchronizes with a zodiac sign, and this year’s harvest full moon is in Pisces.

    How does the full moon harvest in Pisces impact your zodiac sign?

    Biggest takeaway from this astrological event: Tap into the power to listen to your gut feelings. Like, what is your gut telling you here now?

    It will permeate all areas of your life, from how you feel about your job, to what exercise routine you want to try next. But where you really feel the impact is in your relationships. The Pisces energy makes you want to be compassionate and understand where other people are coming from, but you’ll also get an idea from Spidey for why they act the way they do.

    Maybe your SO is a little cranky because he’s facing a huge work deadline, or maybe that well-meaning comment about training for a marathon together to get in better shape has rubbed them in. the wrong way. Whatever the deal, you’ll want to get to the bottom of it to make it better.

    But, again, listen to your instincts. If you and your partner have been restless for a while, you’ll know deep inside whether you need to keep working on it or if it’s finally time to take a break.

    At the same time, Mercury sends you harmonious energy. You will take your time and think before speaking, whether at work, with friends or with family, thus avoiding many potential conflicts. Well done, you!

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    All zodiac signs will be affected by the full harvest moon in Pisces, but Virgo and Pisces will feel it the most, says Page.

    How does the full moon harvest in Pisces impact your future?

    Here’s the problem: It’s so easy to doubt yourself and your choices in life. But having confidence in the moves you make and knowing deep inside that they’re the right ones for you will have a huge and lasting impact on how you approach things in the future. Like, you no longer need to doubt yourself. You – and your gut – figured it out.

    As for thinking before you speak, well… that’s a solid life skill just about anyone could use. Once you see how dramatic your life is when you take a beat before opening your mouth, you will do it over and over again. And then you’ll have a much smoother time navigating life because of it.

    When is the next full moon?

    The next full moon will be on October 20, 2021 in the sign of Aries. During this full moon, you will be in a bit of a rush than usual. But don’t stress, everything will be fine.

    In the meantime, revel in increased self-confidence. It’s high time.

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    The school sign and marquee pictured at James K. Polk Elementary School in the Central United District of Fresno on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

    The school sign and marquee pictured at James K. Polk Elementary School in the Central United District of Fresno on Thursday, September 16, 2021.


    Members of the Central Unified community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the school name and mascot changes.

    On Tuesday, the Central Unified board of directors voted to create a committee to study the mascot and name changes for Central Unified.

    The move comes after months of advocacy by 10-year-old Central Unified student Malachi Suarez and calls from his family for the district to change the name to Polk Elementary.

    As the fifth-grader and his family asked the board to vote on the name change, Central Unified decided to organize a committee to determine how to handle decisions about name and mascot changes, citing the policies of the school council.

    But some say the committee represents a bureaucratic slowdown in the conversation around a possible Polk Elementary name change.

    “They are doing whatever they can to postpone (a name change vote) until people forget about it,” said Gabriel Suarez, father of the student calling for the name change.

    An idea led by students to change the name of the school

    Malachi Suarez, a student at Polk Elementary, was working on a mission as part of his gifted and talented education program on this story behind President James K. Polk, the school’s namesake – a project that has him inspired to launch a change.org campaign to collect 1,500 signatures in support of the school’s name change. They hit their signing goal on Friday, the Suarez family said.

    “The goal of his project was to educate his peers and people in the community to get support to change the name of his school,” says his father, Gabriel Suarez. But her parents say the project has been undermined every step of the way.

    “He was asked to make 10 posters for his project,” said Suarez, which was to be placed on different campuses. “The district only allowed her to put up one poster in her school.”

    The poster, which said “James K. Polk was racist,” was later demolished by a relative, who later described his actions on Facebook, according to a screenshot of the post reviewed by The Bee.

    During public comments at board meetings and in an interview with The Bee, the Suarez family expressed frustration at what they say was a lack of support from the district to let Malachi share their project. with the wider school community, as initially promised.

    The student activist and his parents then reached out directly to school leaders to address their concerns and officially asked for a vote to change the name to Polk Elementary at school board meetings.

    In response, the district decided to form a committee to study and collect community feedback on the topic of school names and mascots.

    The committee’s goal is to “do an analysis to justify any recommendation to change the name of Polk Elementary or any other school,” said Yesenia Carrillo, president of the Central Unified School Board.

    She is aware that Malachi’s poster was demolished by a relative, which she says “is not acceptable”.

    “I hope we can take away that we are creating a positive environment for students to feel comfortable continuing to express their ideas and thoughts and opinions even if there is opposition,” Carrillo said. . “And that the adults are respectful of that and we really facilitate that too.”

    But Suarez said he believed the district was using the committee to avoid having to vote to change the name to Polk Elementary. “They’re trying very hard not to do it,” Suarez said. “What I really think is that they are using this committee to kill the name change and never deal with it.”

    Suarez cited the example of Fresno Unified, which he said didn’t need a committee before voting to change the mascot for Fresno High last year.

    But district officials say Central Unified has different policies than the Fresno Unified School District, so they’re approaching the request differently.

    Carrillo said the policies of the Unified Central District state that renaming existing schools or major facilities “should only take place under extraordinary circumstances and after careful consideration,” Carrillo said.

    “This is an opportunity for the committee to reach out and spend more time soliciting input from the community,” Carrillo said.

    Elementary Polk

    Polk Elementary was founded in 2004 and was named after the 11th US President to honor California history and the “Western Movement”. According to school documents, the school wants to underline the “courage and bravery of the first pioneers who settled in the West”.

    But not all agree with this interpretation of the story.

    Polk was a slave president who authorized the Mexican-American War, which led to the United States acquiring much of the Southwest and California.

    He also oversaw the period of American expansion inspired by the problematic idea of ​​”manifest destiny,” which was “an attempt to justify taking the West – occupied by Native Americans and some Mexicans – on the basis of belief in culture, race, and political superiority, and supposedly having God’s approval, ”said Allen Carden, professor of history at Fresno Pacific University.

    Suarez said there was “absolutely no way” that Central Unified could justify having a school named after James K. Polk and the Pioneer mascot in 2021.

    “This is a blatant celebration of white supremacy and sends a clear message to students of color that they are not welcome,” Suarez said.

    The Fresno-area school would not be the first to bear Polk’s name to change its name. In 2019, an elementary school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana changed its name from Polk Elementary to Eva Legard Center, in honor of the first black woman to serve on the school board.

    “Trust the process”

    While not everyone is happy with the decision to form a committee, Carrillo said she hopes the school community “will have some confidence in the process” as they seek and solicit community input.

    “I hope the Suarez family as well as the rest of our community – whether they support it (the name change) or not – provide the committee with an opportunity to assess and consider,” Carrillo said. “And let them participate.”

    The committee will be made up of 21 community members and three board members – a mix of parents, students, school staff and locals from the seven representative areas of the board.

    Those interested in joining the nominating and mascot committee can find nominations on their school website, the district website, through social media, and through the district’s ParentSquare communications platform starting on Friday.

    Applications should be sent on October 6 to Anita Lopez in Room 11 of the District Offices located at 5652 W. Gettysburg, Fresno, CA 93722. Contact Anita Lopez at (559) 274-4700, ext. 63150 with questions or app help.

    Melissa Montalvo is a reporter for the Fresno Bee and a member of the Report for America Corps. This article is part of California division, an editorial collaboration examining income inequality and economic survival in California.

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    Researchers determine common ambiguous language in surgery https://drjimmirios.com/researchers-determine-common-ambiguous-language-in-surgery/ https://drjimmirios.com/researchers-determine-common-ambiguous-language-in-surgery/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 09:07:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/researchers-determine-common-ambiguous-language-in-surgery/

    The language used in operating rooms is not always as precise as it should be and contains ambiguities that researchers want to resolve, according to a new study.

    “The surgery is too precise to use imprecise language,” said Gary Sutkin, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and one of the study’s authors.

    Researchers found nearly 4,000 potentially ambiguous sentences in six videotaped teaching surgeries at an academic medical center in Pennsylvania, or about 12 per minute of surgery.

    “The language people use in everyday life is very ambiguous. It’s very vague, and we kind of live with it. . . But it turns out that’s also the case in a surgical education setting, ”said Andrew McKenzie, associate professor of linguistics at the University of Kansas and one of the study’s authors. “Language [surgeons] the use is not more precise than the language we would use in an informal conversation.

    None of the sentences resulted in a medical error, but the study documented 131 “near misses” or cases that could have led to an error.

    “The interest of this [study] By no means should be that, ‘Oh my God, the doctors don’t know how to talk to each other, and we run a risk every time we go to the [operating room]Said Tina Foster, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and community and family medicine at Geisel School of Medicine in Dartmouth, who was not involved in the study. “This is just one example of the possibility of improving the way we communicate. “

    Sutkin gave an example from video recordings of a resident performing surgery that cut too close to the bladder. The attending surgeon saw it and said “it’s terribly close to the bladder.”

    “It would be a lot better if the attendant said, ‘Stop, your scissors are pointed at the bladder. If you keep going, you’re about to cut the bladder, ”Sutkin said.

    Although studies on communication issues between medical professionals have already been conducted, Sutkin said this study was the first to look specifically at surgeons.

    “We know that poor communication is the number one cause of error in the operating room, but it has been studied among members of the internal professional team like surgeons and nurses,” he said. “No one before has really ever studied the language two surgeons use when talking to each other, and especially examines it at the semantic level.”

    To reduce ambiguities and make sure they don’t lead to medical errors, the researchers suggested more standardized language in the operating room. For example, operating rooms might have colored signs on the wall so that surgeons can say “move a little blue” rather than “move a little left,” which depends on the surgeon’s perspective.

    Standardized language is what the airline industry has done to reduce communication problems and this is how Sutkin became interested in the subject. He heard of Indonesia AirAsia flight 8501, which crashed in part because the co-pilot misinterpreted what the pilot meant by “pull down”.

    “I read this story and I was like, ‘You know, we’re so dangerous in the operating room, we could absolutely do it,'” he said.

    The research team’s future work will allow treating surgeons and residents to view recordings of their surgeries separately, where the treating surgeon used ambiguous language and compare their interpretations.

    “We want to see how much of this work can we get out of because the people involved are busy doing something,” McKenzie said.

    The results of such studies could help surgeons notice where they have been misinterpreted and use more precise language in the future.

    “There is a little mental energy to trying to ask yourself what you are really being asked to do, and if you had that mental energy better able to focus on the task itself, that would be great,” Foster said.

    Although such studies take place in the operating room, there are still lessons that can be applied in everyday life, according to McKenzie.

    “I think it’s important for people to be aware of the work they are doing to their listeners with ordinary language. We work a lot when we listen, ”he said.

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    One of the Congress leaders said that the name of Captain Amarinder Singh's replacement is only known to the three members of the Gandhi family.  (AFP) Sajjad HUSSAIN / AFP

    One of the Congress leaders said that the name of Captain Amarinder Singh’s replacement is only known to the three members of the Gandhi family. (AFP) Sajjad HUSSAIN / AFP

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, leaders said only three members of the Gandhi family knew the name of Captain Amarinder Singh’s replacement.

    • News18.com
    • Last update:September 18, 2021, 2:52 PM IST

    It looks like they will be curtains for Punjab’s chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh, two senior state congressional leaders told News18 speaking on condition of anonymity. Their names are also speculated among those of some others to be the new Chief Minister of the Punjab.

    “The only thing that is crystal clear is that these are now the curtains for Captain Amarinder Singh,” said one officer. The second leader said the same, adding that this was the only reason a Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meeting was called and two observers were also sent by the party’s high command from Delhi. “The LCP meeting had not been called for so long. The reason he’s been called up now is to replace the leader, ”the second congressional leader told News18.

    READ ALSO | Live updates from the Punjab congress crisis

    The two leaders, however, shed light on speculation around the names of the replacement. “The first big job is for the party to get the captain to resign. He is not expected to fall without a fight. The name of the replacement is known only to the three members of the Gandhi family and to no one. other, “said the second chief. He added, however, that it made good sense for the replacement to be a turbaned Sikh chief.” It can be difficult to experiment on this point in the Punjab, “he said. he declares.

    The leader said Arvind Kejriwal’s party lost in the last election because the AAP did not then announce the name of a Sikh CM face, which Kejriwal has promised to announce now. The chief executive also said it was “premature” to speculate on the identity of the replacement, but added that the next one will be bad news for Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in the Punjab elections. He added that he had not been in contact with the AICC or the party high command for many weeks.

    Read all the latest news, breaking news and coronavirus news here

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    Premier Hockey Federation’s New Name Has No Labels, No Limits https://drjimmirios.com/premier-hockey-federations-new-name-has-no-labels-no-limits/ https://drjimmirios.com/premier-hockey-federations-new-name-has-no-labels-no-limits/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 23:53:49 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/premier-hockey-federations-new-name-has-no-labels-no-limits/

    The National Women’s Hockey League changed its name to Premier Hockey Federation before its seventh season, becoming the first North American women’s sports league to drop the gender designation of its title.

    Mary Schwalm / The Associated Press

    What’s in a name?

    When it comes to the title of a sports league, is a name just a group of words that sets it apart from all other leagues? The name change of a North American hockey league suggests that a name can also indicate how a league wants to be viewed, not just who plays in it.

    Earlier this month, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) changed its name to Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) ahead of its seventh season, becoming the first North American women’s sports league to drop its gender designation. title.

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    In announcing the new name and logo, the league, with five teams in the United States and one in Toronto, said the rebranding recognizes its hockey players for their athletic talent, not their gender. It also aims to respect the gender identity differences of its current and future players and league stakeholders. Not all of its athletes identify as women, so the change also strengthens the league’s inclusion of transgender and non-binary players.

    “We are building this federation on a platform where the athlete is to be judged on their skills and not on their gender identity,” said PHF commissioner Tyler Tumminia. “We had a lot of athletes who felt really passionate about the idea of ​​the absence of labels, of limits. No one calls the NHL the National Men’s Hockey League. Our players were a little tired of always hearing “athlete woman” or “she is a phenomenal woman”. Our players deserve a name that allows them to be equal in professional sport. “

    The conversation about renaming female entities has long been going on in sports.

    Many American universities that once differentiated their female teams by putting words such as “Lady” in front of the school team’s nickname have ceased to do so. The Baylor University women’s basketball team kept its Lady Bears name long after most strayed from that tradition, but earlier this month they also simply became the Baylor Bears, for correspond to other teams in their school.

    While removing the W or the word Lady from a title might seem like a small thing, it does mean a lot, says Carly Jackson, a Canadian goalkeeper with the Buffalo Beauts who will travel regularly 230 kilometers from London, Ont., To play, all. by pursuing graduate studies at the University of Western Ontario.

    “It’s exciting as a player, the idea of ​​being defined by your athleticism, as opposed to being male or female or non-binary,” said Jackson, who was third pick in the draft. of the NWHL in 2020. “You should be defined by your playing abilities as a professional, like a hard worker, a great person in the locker room, a good penalty killer or a goalscorer. It will be exciting as an athlete to be asked questions about things like that. “

    League commissioner Tyler Tumminia said teams that land on the private property of all of his clubs are positively moving away from the league-owned model.

    Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

    While the crux of the NWHL’s name change to PHF is removing the genre from its title, it also comes at a time when the league is entering a new era, of sorts.

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    “Our league has really changed over the last 10 months,” said Tumminia, a former baseball executive and part owner of several minor league baseball clubs, who took over in October.

    Despite the pandemic and its severely shortened 2020-21 season, there has been growth in the league. Tumminia emphasizes things like private ownership of all of her clubs so that she can move away from the league-owned model. The league has seen big-game streaming numbers on Twitch, record-breaking sponsorship deals, lifted the Isobel Cup on a nationwide broadcast for the first time in Season 6, and doubled the league’s salary cap for the season 7.

    But in parallel with the growth, certain image problems persist since the creation of the league in 2015. Player salaries were reduced in 2016, which left a certain suspicion of the commissioner and founder at the time. , Dani Rylan. The bubbling 2020-21 playoff tournament in Lake Placid, NY was disrupted by positive COVID tests, and there was a high profile public feud with Barstool Sports. In addition, some fans criticized Toronto Six coach Digit Murphy, who had, for some time, been listed as a supporter of the Women’s Sports Policy Task Force, which was screened for allegedly transphobic ideas.

    PHF’s biggest problem remains: The best women in the world are still not playing in their league. Most Canadian and US national team athletes instead choose to play for the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), which has teams in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Minnesota and New Hampshire, and plays traveling showcases. for cash prizes, some staged in partnership with NHL clubs. Many of these stars criticized the then NWHL’s travel, compensation and training conditions based on their past experiences playing there.

    “Communication between PWHPA and PHF has never been better,” Tumminia says of PWHPA. “We are talking more now than we have in the past three years. And our goals continue to align. We both want the best opportunity for athletes in sport. “

    The PHF has improved the player experience, from travel to equipment, off-ice equipment, locker rooms, pre-game and post-game meals, and player relocation allowances.

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    “Some of these players have long memories of what they didn’t like about the past – like four or five years ago, and aren’t as willing as we would like to have them give it another try. our league, ”said Miles. Arnone, who chairs the Isobel Cup champion Boston Pride’s ownership group. “What they have said publicly that they want, we are already doing. I challenge anyone to compare the conditions, opportunities and support our players receive with players on the PWHPA Tour. “

    More sponsorship and business partner deals, along with increased engagement from private property, have doubled the salary cap to US $ 300,000 per team for the 2021-22 season – the highest of the history of the league. The size of the roster remains the same (between 20 and 25), as well as the number of matches on the program. So a higher cap will mean more money for each athlete, without increasing the workload. Players are also getting shares in league-wide revenue deals and jersey sales.

    Arnone says the top players could make up to US $ 30,000 a season – still not a living full-time salary, but a big raise.

    Instead of a regular season last winter, the league hosted a two-week ‘bubble’ playoff tournament at the historic Herb Brooks Arena in late January, with NBCSN scheduled to televise the semi-finals and the final, the first times professional women’s hockey games would be broadcast live on a major US cable network. Before the arrival of these playoffs, two teams had to give up after outbreaks of COVID-19 and the tournament was put on hold.

    The tournament resumed in Boston in March, the Cup was awarded and the league made history again with NBCSN broadcasting its semi-finals and final, with an all-female broadcast team.

    The PHF opens its new season on November 6, the first look at the league’s new era and its increased emphasis on inclusiveness. All six teams will be in action.

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    “I was extremely proud to play in the NWHL but when asked where I played hockey by strangers it worried me to give the full name of the league and basically get out of it. myself, ”Harrison Browne, a transgender athlete who retired from the league in 2018 and identifies with he / him pronouns, wrote on Twitter. “This is a very important decision for non-binary or trans hockey players.”

    Ann Pegoraro, Lang Chair in Sport Management at the University of Guelph, wonders why this rebranding was not immediately accompanied by a new policy on trans athletes, a new website and new social media addresses that include the new league name.

    These things all remain the same as before the rebranding. The transgender player policy on the league’s website is dated October 29, 2020 and bases player eligibility on testosterone levels.

    “With my gender equity hat on, I’m all for this removal of the gender modifier from the league title, it’s great, but they had to follow it a lot better from a marketing standpoint,” he said. said Pegoraro. “Plus, they just got a lot of momentum from last season, reached new audiences on NBC and Twitch, created a lot of notoriety with their old name and then changed it.”

    COVID-19 protocols for fan participation in PHF matches have yet to be announced. The PWHPA will also be in action, with its first stopover Nov. 12-13 in Truro, Nova Scotia.

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    Nevada’s elected leaders determined to defend women’s reproductive rights https://drjimmirios.com/nevadas-elected-leaders-determined-to-defend-womens-reproductive-rights/ https://drjimmirios.com/nevadas-elected-leaders-determined-to-defend-womens-reproductive-rights/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 23:08:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/nevadas-elected-leaders-determined-to-defend-womens-reproductive-rights/

    Christophe De Vargas

    U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto greets Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro and 2-month-old son Case before a new conference on women’s reproductive rights on Friday, September 17, 2021.

    The recent birth of the first child of Nevada Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro was carefully planned. Every day soon after conception, she took a pregnancy test while waiting for a positive result. It wasn’t until week 5 that she and her husband learned the good news.

    Even then, the couple had to wait a little over a month to see a doctor, and additional weeks to perform tests to make sure the pregnancy was healthy, she said.

    Women in Texas, under the same circumstances, could not terminate their pregnancy after six weeks of conception due to a law that came into effect on September 1. This law states that any citizen can sue anyone who assists with an abortion, whether or not the woman has been raped or incested, for a possible judgment of at least $ 10,000.

    This law, which the majority of the United States Supreme Court decided not to overturn on procedural grounds, raised the alarm among supporters of choice. And it undermines a decades-long precedent for women’s reproductive rights, Cannizzaro and U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto said this morning at a press conference in southwest Las Vegas.

    “This has the potential to create vigilantes and vigilantes who interfere in the lives of their neighbors, all to prevent women from accessing reproductive health care,” Cortez Masto said, praising the efforts from Nevada to codify Roe v. Wade, a supreme landmark from 1973. Court case that made abortion a constitutional right.

    But those rights are under attack, Cortez Masto said. If the Texas case or other similar abortion restriction cases going through federal court systems are upheld by the conservative-dominated Supreme Court, “nothing prevents a Republican-controlled Congress with a Republican-like. White House to pass legislation that continues to roll. safeguard these rights (to abortion) across the country, ”she added.

    This month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives would soon vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would protect the right to abortion by creating a right for providers. to provide abortion care and a corresponding right for women to receive such care, without medically unnecessary restrictions.

    Cortez Masto, who co-sponsored the bill, said he was certain it would pass in the House, but needed 60 votes in favor in the Senate, with opposing senators able to filibuster , a procedure that the Nevada senator supports.

    “If they oppose this, then I want (Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell or any Republican who opposes it stand on the Senate floor to tell the women of this country why they oppose it. reproductive rights for women. “

    A May poll by the Pew Research Center found that 6 in 10 American adults say “abortion should be legal in all or most cases.”

    For now, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department this month asked a Texas federal court for an injunction on the application of its new law while it decides the case. The court is expected to hear the case in early October.

    In the past, courts have prevented other states from imposing similar restrictions, but Texas law differs significantly as it leaves enforcement to private citizens through civil suits rather than criminal prosecutions.

    The way Texas law has been drafted leaves a “loophole” for “unconstitutional” law, allowing it to eventually escape court scrutiny, Cannizzaro said.

    If Roe v. Wade and other landmark Supreme Court decisions on reproductive rights were overturned, with half of American women expected to travel an average of 279 miles to their nearest abortion provider, Cortez Masto said. The current distance is around 25 miles, she added.

    Texas, where abortion clinics comply with the new law, is now seeing some women travel to other states for the procedure, said Adrienne Mansanares, experiment manager at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

    Mansanares spoke of “very scared patients,” including at least one woman who jumped on a plane to Las Vegas for a procedure immediately after the ban went into effect in Texas – one of many others to come, she noted.

    But “it’s not sustainable,” she said. “This Texas ban cannot go on any longer; it will exhaust our system, our population and our ability to provide care.

    Cortez Masto said anti-abortion extremists have worked for decades to undermine the constitutional right to reproductive rights, and “they are on the verge of success.”

    “We can’t let a dedicated minority take this right away from the rest of us,” she said.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    https://drjimmirios.com/nevadas-elected-leaders-determined-to-defend-womens-reproductive-rights/feed/ 0
    Minnis’ tenure was hampered by disaster https://drjimmirios.com/minnis-tenure-was-hampered-by-disaster/ https://drjimmirios.com/minnis-tenure-was-hampered-by-disaster/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 20:51:16 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/minnis-tenure-was-hampered-by-disaster/

    Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.


    AFTER a four-year term plagued by devastating hurricanes and a global pandemic, Dr Hubert Minnis failed to convince the people of the Bahamas to re-elect him.

    Dr Minnis was the country’s first non-lawyer or career politician to be elected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

    He won the 2017 general election handily, defeating former Prime Minister Perry Christie and the Liberal Progressive Party. This election saw Mr. Christie lose his seat in the constituency of Centerville (formerly Farm Road), which he had represented for over 40 years.

    Dr Minnis was born in Bain Town to Rosalie North, a struggling seamstress, and Randolph Minnis, the owner of the famous Minnis gas station on Market Street.

    Growing up, Dr Minnis attended Our Lady’s Elementary School, Western Junior and St Augustine’s College.

    His hard work paid off as he became the first member of his family to attend college, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Minnesota and then a medical degree from the University of the West Indies.

    After becoming MRCOG (Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) London in 1985, Dr Minnis returned to Nassau and practiced at Princess Margaret Hospital.

    During his 22-year career, he has given birth to more than 5,000 babies, the largest weighing 14 pounds at birth.

    He has also served as past President of the Bahamas Medical Association, Member of the Medical Council, President of the Hotel Corporation of the Bahamas, and Associate Lecturer at the University of the West Indies in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    Dr Minnis entered politics in 2007 in the constituency of Killarney. At that point he said he had accomplished most of what he wanted in medicine.

    “Everything in life is about timing. I want to continue to be of service, but now just in a different capacity, ”he said.

    After winning his seat as MP for Killarney in 2007, Dr Minnis was appointed Minister of Health, a post he held throughout FNM’s tenure between 2007 and 2012.

    He led the party to victory in 2017 following internal party conflicts, including two leadership challenges.

    However, the Minnis administration has encountered problem after problem, including the deadly consequences of Hurricane Dorian and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Dr Minnis has been heavily criticized by the opposition for the government’s response to both of these issues.

    He himself admitted that the government “has not responded to Dorian’s relief efforts”.

    “No party should ever take constituency support for granted,” he said at a recent rally in Grand Bahama.

    That was advice that would hold true given the crushing defeat his government suffered yesterday.

    While re-elected to the Killarney House of Assembly, he was unable to secure victory for his government.

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    The opening is my middle name https://drjimmirios.com/the-opening-is-my-middle-name/ https://drjimmirios.com/the-opening-is-my-middle-name/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:31:49 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/the-opening-is-my-middle-name/

    “Behind the Byline” introduces you to those who write stories, take photos, design pages and edit the content we deliver in our print editions and on pressdemocrat.com. We are more than journalists. As you will see, we are also your neighbors with unique backgrounds and experiences that proudly live in Sonoma County.

    Today we introduce you to Alana Minkler, one of our news and general mission reporters.


    My middle name is Nahglibah. It means “the light that divides the darkness”.

    It is a testament to my firm belief in the journalistic principles of accountability and transparency and I share it with you in defiance of one of the most sacred traditions of the Diné, more commonly known as the Navajo people.

    But, I will come back to this.

    I am a blend of two extremely proud, strong and resilient peoples, each with their own history of persecution and persistence.

    My Navajo father is a photography teacher and my Jewish mother is a sociology teacher. They both teach at Northern Arizona University. And even though they divorced when I was 9, they’re still on good terms.

    Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, I spent my weekends driving in the Navajo Reservation, exploring the beautiful mesas and high plains on the “ground floor” with my father, or visiting my home. Jewish family in New York with my mother.

    When I was much younger, I never felt out of place. None of my classmates in my hometown had an outdoor life like mine. So I tried to hide my differences.

    Now that I’m older, I embrace my background and recognize how much they have each contributed to who I am as a person – and a journalist. My career is a by-product of my journey towards self-acceptance.

    We all have different experiences, cultures, lifestyles and mindsets. And, everyone has a unique story to share – that way, we’re all the same.

    I’m a breaking news and general assignment reporter for The Press Democrat. I was hired about three months ago to cover everything from wildfires, crime and youth issues to tribes, weather and human interest stories.

    Prior to that, I was a breaking news intern at the Arizona Republic, an apprentice at the Arizona Daily Star, and investigative editor in my college newspaper, the daily wild cat.

    Due to my experiences growing up, I have a particular preference for stories that inspire compassion, empathy, and understanding for those who are considered out of the ordinary.

    I believe in the public’s right to know and share information and I advocate for the transparency of governments and businesses, as well as their accountability to the public.

    Because I am relatively new to the profession, I realize that I have a lot to learn and endless stories to listen to and share. Knowing this can be both overwhelming and invigorating.

    Even so, when I feel uncertain, I remember the meaning of my middle name – “the light that cuts through the darkness”.

    When my dad first told me my middle name, he said it meant dawn. He also stated that the Navajo culture is a warrior culture, so it could also mean “the warrior who wakes up before anyone else and kills the enemy in his sleep”.

    For Navajo people, the middle name is where a person’s power exists. It is not shared with strangers. Sharing it, my father said, would be like a superhuman giving out his superpowers.

    For years, I didn’t tell anyone – and imagined myself as a top-secret dawn superhero.

    Everything changed when I went to the University of Arizona.

    Through the bureaucratic process, every class list, every administrative document – every laminated ID – gave me my middle name.

    Anyone could see it. And, it really felt like everyone was trying to pronounce it.

    Although sharing my Navajo name may not be in keeping with the traditions of my culture, I have always hated keeping secrets. Knowing that others knew my middle name made me feel very vulnerable, but it was also a relief.

    I was never the type to hold the power for myself, anyway. I wear my business card, my multicultural identity and my personality with pride.

    I like being an open book (and I would like government agencies and businesses to appreciate transparency as much as I do).

    Now, in a further gesture of openness, I am offering you some of my power.

    My favorite time of day is dawn.

    As a child, I loved waking up when others were still asleep.

    The sky would be a shade of blue that I have never seen at any other time of the day. It won me over. And it filled my body with adrenaline as I breathed in the fresh, dewy air.

    Today, dawn brings me hope, and as a journalist it is my daily reminder to look for solutions instead of just focusing on life’s problems.

    You can contact Editor-in-Chief Alana Minkler at 707-521-5224 or alana.minkler@pressdemocrat.com. On Twitter @alana_minkler.

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    “Macro counting and weight lifting helped me lose 100 pounds” https://drjimmirios.com/macro-counting-and-weight-lifting-helped-me-lose-100-pounds/ https://drjimmirios.com/macro-counting-and-weight-lifting-helped-me-lose-100-pounds/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:30:40 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/macro-counting-and-weight-lifting-helped-me-lose-100-pounds/

    My name is Shannon Snider (@thehighdeserthaven) and I’m 36 and a mother of two. We live in Oregon and I work full time as a clothing buyer for a retail store. I wanted to be the best, healthiest mom possible for my daughters, so I got into macro counting and weight lifting and lost at least 100 pounds in five years.

    I had been overweight my whole life, but the memory that always stood out was my second year orientation in high school. One of the beautiful senior girls made a nasty comment about my weight, a painful moment that I will never forget.

    I wasn’t feeling good about myself or feeling confident so I tried all the diets and fads. I often saw results, but they were never lasting because fad diets did not allow me to make a real lifestyle change or provide a way of eating that I could maintain my entire life.

    Fast forward to my two pregnancies – I gained weight after both. I also struggled with asthma, an autoimmune disease, and was pre-diabetic.

    I started my weight loss journey at the age of 31 after having my second daughter.

    I decided after having my second daughter at 31 that I had to change my life. I hated the direction I was going in life and was miserable. I didn’t want my daughters to grow up with a depressed, unhealthy mother who wasn’t 100% there for them. I wanted to set a good example for my daughters and knew that I had to start taking care of myself to be the best possible mother for them.

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    I did a 21 day diet challenge to start my journey and started walking every day.

    I had tried a lot of plans (Advocare, Keto, HCG diet, low carb diet, intermittent fasting), and generally I would have had great success, but then I would have recovered everything, and sometimes more.

    This time I started training three times a week (mostly cardio), and that’s when I really started to notice a change in my body that was lasting. I lost around 70 pounds by following a low carb diet and exercising regularly. I have also used the MyFitnessPal food and nutrient tracker app. My weight was 235 pounds at this point.

    It took me about two years to lose most of that weight. Then about two years ago I hit a plateau and couldn’t lose any more weight despite regular training.

    This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

    Enter: count macros, which was a game changer for me.

    I started working with a macro and workout program trainer, and I’m in a place I never thought I would be! In six months, I lost 30 pounds and hit my goal weight and more.

    I have also seen the most changes in my body over the past year. It’s just amazing. With macro counting, I have discovered that the main keys to my success are realizing that carbohydrates are not the enemy (your muscles need it to function!), and this protein is extremely important.

    This is what I eat in a day.

    • Breakfast: Bburritos with a whole egg, egg whites and turkey bacon. I use Carb Balance tortillas because they are high in fiber. I am trying to achieve 30-35 grams of fiber per day.
    • Breakfast: Grilled chicken, jasmine rice, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and sweet chili sauce.
    • Snacks: Protein bar or protein shake.
    • Having dinner: A large salad with a sugar-free dressing, chicken, and sometimes rice or bread (depending on how much carbs I have left or what stage I’m in with my macro count).
    • Dessert: I have a local friend who makes high protein snacks like truffles, cinnamon buns, pronuts, etc. I usually have a truffle after dinner.

      This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

      I started walking right away then started jogging / running but weights always scared me … until now.

      I never considered myself athletic, coordinated, or competitive, so I always avoided lifting. But weightlifting has been the most rewarding and beneficial change for my body. Lifting weights is how you build muscle (and in turn, burn more calories even while at rest) and build muscle definition in your body.

      This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

      Now, I do cardio four times a week (usually 20 to 30 minutes of incline walking) and lift five times a week.

      Typically, I start with stretches and a warm-up and then move on to a push day or glute day, something with a specific game plan.

      For me, the key has been to incorporate ‘progressive overload’ to build muscle, which means I add weight as I get stronger to keep putting more stress on my muscles, so that they adapt and grow. My favorite lifts are the overhead press, Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, mine press, and Arnold curls.

      My coach and I change my training plan every month. I love going to the gym at 3 am every morning! It starts my day off right, and I miss the days off. I love to move my body, and in fact, seeing the results has been so rewarding!

      This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

      These three changes led to my weight loss success.

      • I started counting macros. It allows me to enjoy my favorite foods while reaching my calorie goals. I do not deprive myself, but I also make sure to achieve my macro goals. If I want a pizza or want a drink, I plug it in and adjust my meals according to it. If I deprive myself of something on a diet, I will fail … and I know it for myself. For me, macro counting has given me a better understanding of what foods I eat and how much I should be consuming. I feel like I could eventually switch to intuitive eating given the tools macro counting taught me.

        This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

        • I started doing less cardio, more weight. If you want to see real progress and long term success, stop going for miles on the treadmill and pick up some dumbbells. Once I got the basics of lifting and getting in shape, I started increasing my weight, and it’s an endorphin effect like no other. I feel strong and powerful. And most importantly, my daughters are noticing the changes, and they say they want to be strong like a mom.

          This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

          • I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber. If you start to log your water and fiber intake, you will likely learn that you are not getting enough. Once I started hitting my water and fiber goal, the weight started to drop. I started by filling a gallon jug every morning and bringing it to work every day.

            This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

            I have lost at least 100 pounds in five years.

            I’m so proud of myself, and the joy I feel when someone walks up to me and tells me that I inspired them to make a change is unlike any other feeling. Happy people help people. I am so much happier and think I am a better person for those around me because I have decided to take charge of my life and make a change.

            This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

            This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and other similar content on piano.io

            ]]> https://drjimmirios.com/macro-counting-and-weight-lifting-helped-me-lose-100-pounds/feed/ 0 ATK Mohun Bagan names squad for AFC Cup inter-zone semi-final against FC Nasaf https://drjimmirios.com/atk-mohun-bagan-names-squad-for-afc-cup-inter-zone-semi-final-against-fc-nasaf/ https://drjimmirios.com/atk-mohun-bagan-names-squad-for-afc-cup-inter-zone-semi-final-against-fc-nasaf/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 11:18:32 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/atk-mohun-bagan-names-squad-for-afc-cup-inter-zone-semi-final-against-fc-nasaf/

            ATK Head Coach Mohun Bagan Antonio Lopez Habas announced the squad for their AFC Cup inter-zone semi-final against FC Nasaf in Uzbekistan on Friday after a series of tests at a camp in Dubai . There have been some changes in the squad that was in Group D, South Zone last month in the Maldives. Finnish central midfielder Joni Kauko, Michael Soosairaj and Prabir Das have been included in the squad. Yet Hugo Boumous, who impressed everyone in the Maldives, is not part of the 22-member squad.

            The players who made the squad for the draw (scheduled for September 22) are Amrinder Singh, Avilash Paul, Arsh Shaikh, Pritam Kotal, Ashutosh Mehta, Carl McHugh, Subhasish Bose, Sumit Rathi, Joni Kauko, Lenny Rodrigues, Liston Colaco, Prabir Das, Michael Soosairaj, Bidyananda Singh, N Engson Singh, SK Sahil, Ravi Bahadur Rana, Abhishek Dhananjay Suryavanshi, Roy Krishna, David Williams, Manvir Singh and Kiyan Nassiri.

            ATK star striker Mohun Bagan Roy Krishna believes they face a tough task against the Uzbek side.

            “It’s going to be a tough game but we are preparing as much as possible for the challenge. The club must win the next game to move on to the next stage. For me personally, it would be a major accomplishment if we could go all the way, so I’m confident we can get a win despite their home advantage.

            “Overall it will be a tough game as they have some good foreign players and they have also already started their league which means they have at least a few months of training under their belt by the time we have our match. Competing with a well-trained team like them would be a challenge, but we are preparing as much as possible to win this. We are going to Uzbekistan to give our all, ”Krishna told the ATKMB Media team.

            ATK Mohun Bagan beat fellow Indian Super League (ISL) FC Bengaluru (2-0) and Maziya Sports & Recreation of Maldives (3-1) comfortably and drew 1-1 with Bangladesh’s Bashundhara Kings in lead group D (southern zone) and qualify for the inter-zone semi-final.

            Krishna, 2020/21 “Hero of the League” after scoring 14 goals and providing eight assists, said: game at a time. We play with the best of the division groups so that they are fully prepared. This means that we have to improve our level of play and physical condition. Some teams made it to the playoffs after winning their major leagues with good preparations.

            “We had only been meeting for a few weeks due to travel restrictions when we headed to the Maldives, so it was a good learning opportunity. Most of us couldn’t get together due to restrictions in our own countries that didn’t allow us to travel outside the country and it took a long time to convince the authorities which meant we didn’t ‘had about a week to train. But now it’s been over a month so we’ve trained well and our fitness is up, “said the Fijian.

            Krishna, who scored two goals in the group stage, also made it clear that scoring was not the only thing on his mind.

            “My motivation is mainly to help the team win and if I have the chance to score, I will score. If I can help another player on the team, I will do the same. The ultimate goal is to help the team win, even if that sometimes means defending to protect our own goal, ”he said.

            Read all the latest news, breaking news and coronavirus news here

            ]]> https://drjimmirios.com/atk-mohun-bagan-names-squad-for-afc-cup-inter-zone-semi-final-against-fc-nasaf/feed/ 0