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  • Lorde, 25, just showed off her super-toned abs in a bright pink Barbie-inspired crop top.
  • The singer performed her latest hits at the 2022 Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas.
  • To stay in shape, Lorde does a mix of Pilates, barre and strength training with her trainer Allison Kimmel.

Looks like Lorde is channeling all things Barbie these days. The 25-year-old “Solar Power” singer performed at the 2022 Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas in front of thousands of fans wearing a hot pink barbiecore-inspired crop top.

To complete the look, Lorde wore matching leggings and a baby pink jacket. And while her hair wasn’t technically part of the outfit, it definitely convinced her fans of Barbie’s blonde energy.

ICYDK, the festival has been around since 2013. So if it wasn’t on your radar already, hopefully it catches up to you. According to their website, the festival brings together a range of “musical acts, experiential artists, comedians, thinkers and culinary talents”.

Lorde’s attendance was also a big deal considering she hasn’t performed at the festival since 2017.


While I live for all things Barbiecore right now, I can’t forget Lorde’s amazingly toned abs. And if you’re a fan, you’ll know this isn’t the first time they’ve made an appearance. Luckily, her trainer Allison Kimmel shared all the details with women’s health on how she stays so fit, especially while touring.

“Lorde’s concert tour was a total whirlwind,” Kimmel confessed. “We didn’t always have the ideal time to train. If we had 30 minutes between things to exercise or stretch, we made it work. Other times we had over an hour and could extend his warm-up or add extra sets of cardio.

Their workout, which typically lasts an hour, consists of a 15-minute jog followed by an “accelerated yoga-inspired warm-up,” Kimmel said. “After that, we would go into our main sets, which consisted of traditional strength exercises, combined with barre and Pilates.”

If you want to know the exact exercises Lorde does, Kimmel often gives her the following:

  • Side rushes into a bow squat: 12 reps on each side
  • High side planks with a raised top leg: 30 seconds on each side
  • Front leg swings into a back lunge: 12 reps on each side
  • Deadlifts: 12 reps
  • Tricep extensions
  • High knees: 45 seconds
  • Second position knee bend (aka handstand squats): 12 reps, holding the last bend for 45 seconds

As for her diet, Lorde hasn’t talked much about her preferences. But with that killer workout, there’s no denying she’s working hard to stay strong.

BRB, I have to try this stat circuit!

Amid UN criticism, Taliban appoint new education minister https://drjimmirios.com/amid-un-criticism-taliban-appoint-new-education-minister/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 15:20:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/amid-un-criticism-taliban-appoint-new-education-minister/

ISLAMABAD — The Taliban have appointed a new education minister for Afghanistan, days after the United Nations called on the country’s new leaders to reopen schools for girls beyond sixth grade.

Since taking power in Afghanistan just over a year ago, the Taliban have restricted girls’ rights to education, despite initial promises to the contrary. The United Nations estimates that more than one million girls have been barred from attending most middle and high schools over the past year.

The appointment, which came on Tuesday evening and was announced by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujaihid, named Habibullah Agha, the current head of the Kandahar Provincial Council, as the new education minister, replacing Noorullah Munir. . The first education minister appointed by the Taliban was Hemat Akhundzada, who served until last September.

No information was available on Agha.

A year after the Taliban took control of the country as the Western-backed government and military crumbled, the UN said it was increasingly concerned that restrictions on the Taliban to girls’ education, as well as other measures restricting fundamental freedoms, would aggravate the economic crisis in Afghanistan and lead to greater insecurity, poverty and isolation.

“This is a tragic, shameful and entirely avoidable anniversary,” said Markus Potzel, acting head of the UN mission in Afghanistan.

The Taliban say they are working on a plan to open secondary schools for girls but have not given a timetable. Yet hardliners appear to dominate the Taliban-led government and women are required to cover themselves from head to toe in public, showing only their eyes.

While still minister of education, Munir reportedly said during a recent trip to the southern province of Uruzgan that people in rural areas did not want to send their daughters to school, calling it a “problem cultural”.

The Taliban also announced that Mullah Mohammad Mohsin Hashimi, until now the Taliban’s deputy interior minister, would become the governor of the northern province of Panjshir, where an anti-Taliban opposition force is still active.

]]> AIIMS doctor fired for taking money for surgery, Center requests report from hospital https://drjimmirios.com/aiims-doctor-fired-for-taking-money-for-surgery-center-requests-report-from-hospital/ Wed, 21 Sep 2022 06:35:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/aiims-doctor-fired-for-taking-money-for-surgery-center-requests-report-from-hospital/

New Delhi, Sep 21 (PTI) A doctor from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at AIIMS here allegedly took money from a patient’s father to perform surgery, prompting the Ministry of Health from the Union to request a report from the hospital.

A preliminary investigation by a commission of inquiry concluded that the complaint against the doctor was justified, following which the hospital administration dismissed him from his service and ordered him to report to the Jhajjar National Cancer Institute.

The complaint was filed in June this year.

According to the committee’s report, a security guard from the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Lal Singh Choubey, filed a complaint alleging that he approached the concerned doctor for the treatment of his daughter in October 2021, and was then informed that she needed surgery.

His operation took place on October 30.

Choubey alleged that before the operation he was told by the doctor that it would incur an expense of around Rs 40,000 as it involved purchasing supplies from a vendor.

The morning of his daughter’s admission to surgery, the plaintiff was introduced to a “provider”. Choubey alleged that he paid Rs 36,000 in cash to the ‘supplier’ but was denied a receipt when he asked for it. He was told he would have to pay goods and services tax (GST) if he wanted a receipt, so he did not pursue the matter, the report said.

The plaintiff said he used the money he saved for his eldest daughter’s wedding to pay the “provider”.

Asked by the committee why he filed the complaint after a long time, Choubey said he was totally focused on his daughter’s treatment.

During one of her follow-up visits to the outpatient department (OPD), the complainant said that her daughter was telling a friend who had accompanied her that her family had spent Rs 36,000 on the operation. The conversation was overheard by one of the OPD employees who advised him to file a complaint.

Subsequently, Choubey filed a complaint in June. He also said he had no complaints about his daughter’s treatment and was grateful to the doctor for treating her.

“After conducting a preliminary investigation into the matter, the committee is of the opinion that the complaint filed by Mr. Lal Singh Choubey is well-founded and the allegations of having paid money for surgery…cannot be denied.

“The testimonies of two different caregivers, the complainant and another patient, each independent of the other, are very clear and similar and give credence to the complaint. The complaint brought by Lal Singh Choubey carries weight and does not is not substantiated,” the committee said.

The committee spoke to two other patients treated by the concerned doctor and one of them admitted to paying Rs 34,000 to a vendor for supplies. The patient was introduced to the seller by the doctor in his office room, according to the report.

The Union Health Department has requested a report on the matter from the AIIMS administration, an official said. PTI PLB DIV DIV

(Disclaimer: This story is auto-generated from a syndicated feed; only image and title may have been reworked by www.republicworld.com)

Mark Cousins ​​Documentary – Deadline https://drjimmirios.com/mark-cousins-documentary-deadline/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 15:30:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/mark-cousins-documentary-deadline/

At this time, don’t we know just about everything there is to know about Alfred Hitchcock? Few filmmakers, if any, have had their lives and careers examined, explored and analyzed as much as the vaunted master of suspense. So unless hard evidence is suddenly found that the director secretly fathered a dozen illegitimate children by as many women and personally provided Churchill with an untraceable poison powder to drop in Stalin’s tea in Yalta, to see the Prime Minister chickening out is enough it’s unlikely that much new will ever be added to his life story that we don’t already know.


But let incredibly prolific Northern Irish documentary maker Mark Cousins ​​forge a new way of approaching the subject with My name is Alfred Hitchcock; he enlisted a talented British impressionist and comic, Alistair McGowan, to give the late master of suspense a new voice by providing him with witty and informative commentary that respectfully and quite amusingly ruminates on carefully chosen moments from the career of half a century from the director (McGowan is said to be awfully good at impersonating Prince Charles and former Prime Minister Tony Blair). If that seems vaguely presumptuous on paper, it never seems so in practice, as the remarks are pronounced with, say, 95% authenticity of accent and a panache that has nothing to envy to that of the subject.

The two-hour play, divided into six chapters, cheekily announces that it was “written and voiced by Alfred Hitchcock.” His first commentary begins, disarmingly, from the grave as we see a huge statue of his head in the gardens of a London housing project. “They made me this monument after I died,” proclaims “Hitch,” adding that “I look like the Buddha in the movies.”

Quickly passing on his modest Catholic childhood in east London, “Hitch” announces that “I escaped. I’ve made my life in other places,” adding confidentially that “I knew movies were a country you could go to. I wanted to escape to a parallel world,” which he was able to do with his tiny, extremely intelligent wife Alma, herself a skilled writer who started working in film production at age 16, long before his future. husband, and whose considerable contributions to her husband’s work here receives only modest attention.

Accompanied by a vast array of thoughtfully curated clips, Cousins ​​loads its investigation into the director’s life with insights and commentary that often involve his relationship with audiences; always eager to enter people’s “dream state”, “Hitch” insists that “I love you, my audience. I love to play with you. His overriding concern, he admits, is desire, and Hitch himself could not have expressed it better than the way Cousins ​​sums up Hitchcock’s and Hollywood’s attitude towards his audience: “They wanted to keep you in a state of chaste excitement.”

Even though you’ve seen all the clips and heard many stories before, the new film is refreshing, even invigorating, due to Cousins’ deep knowledge of its subject matter and the clever way he devised to allow the audience to dive back in depth. -Hitchcockiana dish. Cousins’ narration has the director confide that he wanted to deviate from “the usual way of doing things,” promising, in turn, to give the viewer “a vacation away from life.” Fantasy counts, right?

In real life, Hitchcock “escaped” from class-conscious Britain to a place where his accent and way of speaking sounded elegant, precise, even distinguished. He quickly became wealthy and later a celebrity and even, in common parlance, a “brand”, perhaps more specifically than any other filmmaker of his time.

Many films are discussed at length, for their fundamental strength as well as their quirks. “I realized that movies are rogue media,” remarks “Hitch” at one point. “I’m a crook, you see. I wanted to straddle business and art, Murnau and DW Griffith. In the final scene of his career, in Family plotHitchcock asked Barbara Harris to wink at the camera – “a trickster wink”.

There’s something akin to a meeting of the minds between Hitchcock and Cousins, stemming, at least in part, from the two men’s obsession, their deep understanding of the medium, and a mutual delight they take in the oddities and pranks. It’s wonderful how, when “Hitch” speaks, Cousins ​​chooses not to eliminate the narrator’s rough inspirational sounds; the decision actually serves to helpfully point out Hitchcock’s diminishing strength and health at the end.

Now, 123 years after his birth, we are still talking about Hitchcock and promoting new ideas about his work; is there another director of his time who is still as referenced as him? My name is Alfred Hitchcock is a lively, free and deeply informed salute from a very intelligent British guy to another who was also little more than that, the one who made his first film 97 years ago and whose work is still widely seen and known . Not bad for the son of a lowly East London grocer.

Here’s what happens to Queen Elizabeth’s 4 dogs after she dies https://drjimmirios.com/heres-what-happens-to-queen-elizabeths-4-dogs-after-she-dies/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 22:50:08 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/heres-what-happens-to-queen-elizabeths-4-dogs-after-she-dies/

With the funeral of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II today following her passing on September 8, the world is filled with grief and uncertainty. Among the many questions raised by the royal’s death, many are curious about what will happen to Elizabeth’s dogs.

You will be relieved to hear that the royal puppies are continuing their reign by joining the household of one of the Queen’s children, and according to a member of the Royal Family, the puppies are doing very well. But more on that later.

The Queen was a huge animal lover who collected furry friends throughout her life (it is estimated that she is the proud owner of over 30 corgis in her lifetime, per Reader’s Digest). To date, four of his puppies have succeeded him.

Elizabeth’s dogs are believed to be some of her most constant loves. “She loves animals and she loves dogs,” said Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer. Newsweek. “They were his first love and they will be his last.”

If you’re curious about the queen’s love for corgis and other canine breeds, look no further. Here’s everything there is to know about Queen Elizabeth II’s four-legged best friends.

How many dogs did Queen Elizabeth II have?

At the time of her death on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II had four dogs.

The eldest of his puppies is Candy, who is said to be 13 years old. Candy is a corgi-dachshund mix, also known as a dorgi, by Harper’s Bazaar.

Queen Elizabeth showing her dorgi, Candy, a little love.

WPA pool//Getty Images

It was previously revealed that the Queen was intentionally not adding more puppies to her family because she “didn’t want to leave any young dogs behind”, she told a horse trainer in 2015, The Independent reported.

However, the Queen has welcomed two more corgis into her royal family in recent years. When her husband Prince Philip was hospitalized in 2021, the Queen received Muick, named after a place near Balmoral Castle, one of Elizabeth’s favorite summer retreats.

Prince Andrew and the Queen’s granddaughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie gave him another corgi, Sandy, on what would have been Philip’s 100th birthday last June, according to The Independent.

The Queen was also the proud owner of an award-winning cocker spaniel named Lizzie (like owner, like pup). Lizzie entered the palace in January 2022, The daily mail reported.

Where does the Queen’s love for corgis come from?

It all started with Queen Elizabeth’s first puppy. In 1933, Elizabeth’s parents welcomed the royal family’s first corgi, Dookie. A few years later, the family welcomed another corgi named Jane, according to The American Kennel Club.

royal pets

Queen Elizabeth II holding a corgi in 1940.

Lisa Sheridan//Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth was then given her own corgi, Susan, for her 18th birthday by her father in 1944. After Susan joined Elizabeth and Philip’s honeymoon, the corgi gave birth to a pair of puppies in 1949, Reader’s Digest reported. And with that, the line of royal corgis that is so closely associated with Queen Elizabeth II began.

The queen is believed to have started a line of corgi that has spanned at least 14 dog generations.

What happens to the queen’s dogs after her death?

Family takes care of family. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, will welcome the Queen’s doggos as their own, City and countryside reported.

Among the Queen’s children, it makes sense that Andrew would inherit her furry friends since he gifted her the corgi and the dorgi.

“The corgis will return to live at the Royal Lodge with the Duke and Duchess. It was the Duchess who found the puppies given to Her Majesty by the Duke,” a source close to the prince said. Newsweek.

The living situation is suitable since “The Duchess has bonded with Her Majesty to walk her dog.” Even after Sarah Ferguson split from Prince Andrew, “she would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty, walking the dogs at Frogmore and chatting,” the source said. Newsweek.

The Duke and Duchess of York are still on good terms and continue to live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor, where the puppies will join them, per People.

What did the Royal Family say about the Queen’s dogs?

Prince William has shared an update with the public on the Queen’s furry friends. During a surprise visit on September 17, Prince William told a mourner queuing to see the Queen lying in state that the dogs were in excellent condition.

“They are two very friendly corgis, so they have a good home,” Prince William said in a video captured by Sky Newsby HELLO! Magazine. “They’ll be very well cared for. Spoiled rotten, I’m sure.”

I know the Royal Dogs are in safe hands with those who loved the Queen and admired her deep appreciation for her four-legged family members.

Oscars Name TV Veterans as 2023 Executive Producers https://drjimmirios.com/oscars-name-tv-veterans-as-2023-executive-producers/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 14:34:59 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/oscars-name-tv-veterans-as-2023-executive-producers/

Live TV veterans Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner have been named executive producers for the 95th Academy Awards.

Bill Kramer, chief executive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, said they were chosen as part of “an emphasis on expertise in producing live television events”.

This decision marks a change in strategy because in recent years the event has been co-produced by filmmakers from the big screen.

For the 2022 edition, Will Packer, known for his comedies, was selected, while 2021 saw Steven Soderbergh, whose films include Erin Brockovitch, Contagion and the Ocean Trilogy, considering the role.

Weiss will also serve as director for an eighth straight year, having won two Primetime Emmys for previous editions.

Kirshner has over 30 years of experience producing entertainment, including Tony Awards and 14 Super Bowl halftime shows.

Kramer and Academy President Janet Yang said: “We are thrilled to have Glenn and Ricky at the helm. Their expertise in live television production is just what the Oscars need.

“We look forward to working closely with them, our Board of Governors and the Board Awards Committee to deliver an exciting and energetic show.

“Joining them is an incredible roster of creative partners – David Chamberlin, Lisa Love, Raul Avila, Kenny Gravillis, Misty Buckley and Alana Billingsley – who will bring fresh ideas to the broadcast and red carpet.”

Weiss and Kirshner said, “Bill made us ‘an offer we couldn’t refuse’, but he really ‘greeted’ us.”

The 95th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, March 12, 2023 at the Dolby Theater at Ovation Hollywood and will be televised live on ABC in the United States.

Source: Press Association

Takeda’s Zejula Proves Continuous Progression-Free Survival as a Treatment for Ovarian Cancer https://drjimmirios.com/takedas-zejula-proves-continuous-progression-free-survival-as-a-treatment-for-ovarian-cancer/ Mon, 19 Sep 2022 05:21:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/takedas-zejula-proves-continuous-progression-free-survival-as-a-treatment-for-ovarian-cancer/

Takeda Korea said on Monday that its PARP inhibitor, Zejula (niraparib), has confirmed long-term, continuous progression-free survival (PFS) and disease resolution in the primary maintenance treatment of newly diagnosed patients with progressive ovarian cancer.

Takeda’s Zejula proves continuous progression-free survival as a treatment for ovarian cancer in a long-term follow-up study.

The median follow-up period was 3.5 years and 79 patients (16.3%) in the Zejula group and 27 (11.1%) in the placebo group were continuing treatment at the clinical cut-off date.

Consistent long-term progression-free survival benefits were observed in the overall patient population and in the patient group receiving Zejula across all biomarker subgroups. The median value for progression-free survival in the group receiving ZeJula was 13.8 months, compared with 8.2 months in the placebo group.

In a biomarker-based sub-analysis, Zejula demonstrated clinically meaningful benefits in terms of improved progression-free survival compared to placebo, and reduced disease progression or risk of death in the treatment group. patients with homologous recombination deficiency (HRD).

Meanwhile, in the HRD-positive patient group, the median survival period was improved to 24.5 months and the placebo group was only 11.2 months, showing a 48% reduction in median progression of the disease.

In particular, Zejula exhibited the best therapeutic effect in patients with breast cancer mutations (BRCA), even within the HRD-positive patient group.

In addition, serious adverse reactions that could lead to dose reduction and discontinuation decreased after application of the individualized starting dose (ISD) of Zejula. ISD is a method of administering 200 mg once daily to patients with a body weight below 77 kg or a platelet count below 150,000/μL.

“The long-term follow-up results of this PRIMA study are important for patients with progressive ovarian cancer, particularly BRCA-positive ovarian cancer, who need primary maintenance, to benefit the long-term effectiveness of Zejula.” said Takeda general manager of oncology, Lee Sun-jin.

Professor Kim Jae-won of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Seoul National University Hospital added, “Compared to the Zejula and placebo groups, there was a consistent difference of 21-23% in the PFS rate of 1 at 4 years post-treatment, and the HRD-negative HRP patients also showed a significant clinical effect.”

Virginia, in rule reversal, will not allow transgender children to change their name without parental consent https://drjimmirios.com/virginia-in-rule-reversal-will-not-allow-transgender-children-to-change-their-name-without-parental-consent/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 22:44:47 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/virginia-in-rule-reversal-will-not-allow-transgender-children-to-change-their-name-without-parental-consent/

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R.) is overturning state policies on how transgender students are treated in schools.

The big picture: Republican-run states across the country have introduced laws targeting transgender youth. Virginia’s new guidelines, released Friday, put the state at the center of a national battle over how transgender youth should be treated in school, according to WaPo.

Details: With the new rules, the Virginia Department of Education seeks to reverse changes that went into effect last year that allowed students to use names, pronouns and toilets that matched their gender identity.

  • Under the 2021 rules, schools have also been encouraged to proceed on a case-by-case basis in deciding whether or not to share information with parents and legal guardians about their child’s gender identity.
  • “The 2021 model policies promoted a specific viewpoint aimed at achieving cultural and social transformation in schools,” the new guidelines say, adding that previous rules “disregarded parents’ rights and ignored others. legal and constitutional principles” that impact how schools educate students. .

What’s new: The new policies will require transgender students to use school facilities and programs that match the sex they were assigned at birth, rather than those that match their gender identity.

  • Students will not be able to change their name or pronoun at school without the consent of parents or legal guardians. They cannot change the legal name or gender on school documents until families submit legal documents to support the change.
  • And, even if parents or legal guardians request it in writing, schools cannot require staff to refer to transgender students by name or gender in a way that violates “rights protected by law.” Constitution” of staff members.

What they say: State Delegate Danica Roem alleged the guidelines violate the Virginia Human Rights Act, which protects individuals from unlawful discrimination, including on the basis of gender identity, in public places.

  • State Representative Abigail Spanberger said the plan targets LGBTQ children and it will weed out the children, “demand their identity not be respected and hurt them where they are meant to learn and thrive.”
  • “[” data-vars-click-url=”https://twitter.com/GovernorVA” data-vars-content-id=”decbf669-c19e-4378-bc36-1cd089de7e8c” data-vars-headline=”Virginia won’t allow transgender kids to change names without parental consent” data-vars-event-category=”story” data-vars-sub-category=”story” data-vars-item=”in_content_link” href=”https://twitter.com/GovernorVA” target=”_blank”>[[Le nouveau modèle de politique du gouverneur]calls for abuse and for children to be taken out of schools where they are supposed to be safe, ”said delegate Mike Mullin in a Tweeter. “Trans kids deserve to learn and thrive in an environment free from bullying, bullying and fear.”

And after: The new policies are expected to go into effect after a 30-day public comment period, according to the New York Post.

For memory: About 43% of the transgender population in the United States is between the ages of 13 and 24, according to a June report published by the UCLA Williams Institute.

Go further: Virginia Supreme Court sided with teacher who refused to use transgender students’ pronouns

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie share moving tribute to ‘Granny’ https://drjimmirios.com/princesses-beatrice-and-eugenie-share-moving-tribute-to-granny/ Sat, 17 Sep 2022 16:39:58 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/princesses-beatrice-and-eugenie-share-moving-tribute-to-granny/

The Royal family instagram

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have shared a moving tribute to the Queen.

In a note to ‘our dearest grandmother’, the sisters, aged 34 and 32 respectively, thanked the monarch for her warmth and kindness, adding that she would like the beautiful tributes paid to her across the UK and beyond.

She died at her Scottish home, Balmoral, on September 8 at the age of 96.

The shared statement read, “We haven’t been able to put in many words since you all left us.” There have been tears and laughter, silences and chatter, hugs and loneliness, and a collective loss for you, our beloved queen and our beloved grandmother.

“We, like many, thought you would be here forever. And we all miss you terribly. You were our matriarch, our guide, our loving hand on our back leading us through this world. You have taught us so much and we will cherish those lessons and memories forever.

‘For now dear grandma, all we want to say is thank you. Thank you for making us laugh, for including us, for picking heather and raspberries, for parading soldiers, for our teas, for comfort, for joy. You, being you, will never know the impact you have had on our family and so many people around the world.

“The world mourns you and the tributes would really make you smile. They are only too true of the remarkable leader that you are. We’re so glad you’re back with grandpa. Goodbye my grandmother, it was the honor of our life to have been your granddaughters and we are very proud of you.

“We know that dear Uncle Charles, the King, will continue to set your example as he too has dedicated his life to service.”

The sisters, daughters of the Queen’s third child, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, completed the emotional note with ‘God save the King’. With our love, Béatrice and Eugenie.

the nation mourns the death of queen elizabeth ii on saturday

Jeff J MitchellGetty Images

The sisters were close to their grandparents and luckily they were both able to wed in the presence of the Queen and Prince Philip. Princess Eugenie married Jack Brooksbank in a televised ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor in October 2018.

Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi got married during the Lockdown Say I Do in July 2020 at the Royal Chapel of All Saints, Royal Lodge in Windsor. Due to its proximity to Windsor Castle and coronavirus wedding guidelines at the time, the late Queen and her late husband were there to witness the happy day. As a special touch, the bride wore a dress on loan from the Queen and the exact tiara from her 1947 wedding.

North Hills proposes to discontinue use of the Indian Chief’s logo and continue to use the name https://drjimmirios.com/north-hills-proposes-to-discontinue-use-of-the-indian-chiefs-logo-and-continue-to-use-the-name/ Fri, 16 Sep 2022 22:47:00 +0000 https://drjimmirios.com/north-hills-proposes-to-discontinue-use-of-the-indian-chiefs-logo-and-continue-to-use-the-name/

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For years, the issue of Native American names and images used by sports teams as mascots has been the subject of growing controversy.

The latest is the North Hills School District Indians. Officials have been talking about changing the mascot since June. In a 7-2 vote, the district proposed to stop using the Indian Chief logo but continue to use “Indians” for sports teams.

At Thursday’s school board meeting, the North Hills School District offered a resolution, which it sees as a compromise. If adopted, the sports teams would still be called the “Indians”, but the mascot would change to something else.

The council said it made the decision after careful consideration of community feedback at a town hall meeting earlier this summer.

On Friday, KDKA-TV met with several parents from the district as well as members of the community. They remain as divided as the school board, which voted 7-2 to move the resolution to next month’s meeting.

“I don’t know if it’s disrespectful or not because I’m not Native American, but personally I don’t think it is,” Don Wright said. “So it’s not a big deal for me.”

“I think they should change them because a lot of people are getting real, especially this new generation, they’re getting really offended with everything that’s going on and how things are being said now,” Lucretia Thompson said.

This resolution will be voted for approval at next month’s committee meeting on October 6th. If passed, a decision would be made as to what the new mascot would be.

Elsewhere, the Penn Hills School District continues to debate changing its Indian mascot, and the Seneca Valley School Board decided last year to stop using its Native American mascot while keeping the “Raiders” name.