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Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, musician and producer Roy ‘Gramps’ Morgan is always eager to share new music with his fans, and today he’s giving them the special treat, a six-track EP. However, Gramps is playing games, as he has yet to reveal the title of the EP.

“The EP is just a follow up for all my fans who supported me until my third solo album, positive vibes. The title is a surprise, but a clue is [that] I won’t just sing from the surface… it will be six songs, a treat for all my supporters,” Gramps said.

positive vibes is his 2021 Grammy-nominated album, which saw him blend reggae with his love for country music. It was produced by Scottish/Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Johnny Reid at Reid’s Soultrain Sound Studios in Nashville. Reid is again in the spotlight for this EP whose name remains under glass.

“There are no collaborations on this project,” Gramps said, ensuring there were no inadvertent slips. “This is strictly a project as a gift to my fans and to show what we in the Jamaican fraternity are capable of doing on a global music scale. The project is being produced again by Johnny Reid. On this project, I also wanted to express myself on the single, Butterfly. Many people, for many years, do not know how to let go of their loved ones in different ways, whether they are passing away or watching a child grow up.

Butterfly is a song that hits home for Gramps and the Morgan clan. They had to learn to let go after their family patriarch, larger-than-life reggae icon Denroy Morgan, passed away in March. For Gramps, 2022 has been a bittersweet year, and he briefly took off his “strong” mask as he shared some of the pain of losing his father, with whom he recorded the song. secrets of life on positive vibes. Her son, Jemere, also features on the track on which they sing that “the secret to life is to take it one day at a time, keeping it simple with a smile.”

“This year has been bittersweet at times,” thought Grandfather. “I’m fresh off a Grammy nomination for my third solo album, positive vibes. It is a great achievement to be nominated with my group [Morgan Heritage]also to win a Grammy [in 2015] for Strictly Roots …and then be nominated as a solo artist. But the loss of my father was really hard. He was my best friend, and I just learned how to free him. The memories will stay forever, but we still miss the physical presence of our loved ones as they move on,” he said.

Asked if there were any special lessons learned this year, Gramps replied, “One of the biggest lessons learned throughout this year is: learn to value family; learn to appreciate your loved ones…and the friends you think aren’t friends you really find in tough times. I am grateful for all the lessons learned.

Returning to the EP with the secret name, Gramps admitted he was excited for today’s release but offered no further clues.

Interestingly, however, in a September 13 Instagram post, he shared a video of himself overlooking the ocean, along with the caption, “Something awaits you guys at Deep Blue! Be ready. I look forward to sharing with you all.”

Maybe somewhere in that deep blue is the name of the EP, which should be out today.

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