Here’s what happens to Queen Elizabeth’s 4 dogs after she dies

With the funeral of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II today following her passing on September 8, the world is filled with grief and uncertainty. Among the many questions raised by the royal’s death, many are curious about what will happen to Elizabeth’s dogs.

You will be relieved to hear that the royal puppies are continuing their reign by joining the household of one of the Queen’s children, and according to a member of the Royal Family, the puppies are doing very well. But more on that later.

The Queen was a huge animal lover who collected furry friends throughout her life (it is estimated that she is the proud owner of over 30 corgis in her lifetime, per Reader’s Digest). To date, four of his puppies have succeeded him.

Elizabeth’s dogs are believed to be some of her most constant loves. “She loves animals and she loves dogs,” said Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer. Newsweek. “They were his first love and they will be his last.”

If you’re curious about the queen’s love for corgis and other canine breeds, look no further. Here’s everything there is to know about Queen Elizabeth II’s four-legged best friends.

How many dogs did Queen Elizabeth II have?

At the time of her death on September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II had four dogs.

The eldest of his puppies is Candy, who is said to be 13 years old. Candy is a corgi-dachshund mix, also known as a dorgi, by Harper’s Bazaar.

Queen Elizabeth showing her dorgi, Candy, a little love.

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It was previously revealed that the Queen was intentionally not adding more puppies to her family because she “didn’t want to leave any young dogs behind”, she told a horse trainer in 2015, The Independent reported.

However, the Queen has welcomed two more corgis into her royal family in recent years. When her husband Prince Philip was hospitalized in 2021, the Queen received Muick, named after a place near Balmoral Castle, one of Elizabeth’s favorite summer retreats.

Prince Andrew and the Queen’s granddaughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie gave him another corgi, Sandy, on what would have been Philip’s 100th birthday last June, according to The Independent.

The Queen was also the proud owner of an award-winning cocker spaniel named Lizzie (like owner, like pup). Lizzie entered the palace in January 2022, The daily mail reported.

Where does the Queen’s love for corgis come from?

It all started with Queen Elizabeth’s first puppy. In 1933, Elizabeth’s parents welcomed the royal family’s first corgi, Dookie. A few years later, the family welcomed another corgi named Jane, according to The American Kennel Club.

royal pets

Queen Elizabeth II holding a corgi in 1940.

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Queen Elizabeth was then given her own corgi, Susan, for her 18th birthday by her father in 1944. After Susan joined Elizabeth and Philip’s honeymoon, the corgi gave birth to a pair of puppies in 1949, Reader’s Digest reported. And with that, the line of royal corgis that is so closely associated with Queen Elizabeth II began.

The queen is believed to have started a line of corgi that has spanned at least 14 dog generations.

What happens to the queen’s dogs after her death?

Family takes care of family. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, will welcome the Queen’s doggos as their own, City and countryside reported.

Among the Queen’s children, it makes sense that Andrew would inherit her furry friends since he gifted her the corgi and the dorgi.

“The corgis will return to live at the Royal Lodge with the Duke and Duchess. It was the Duchess who found the puppies given to Her Majesty by the Duke,” a source close to the prince said. Newsweek.

The living situation is suitable since “The Duchess has bonded with Her Majesty to walk her dog.” Even after Sarah Ferguson split from Prince Andrew, “she would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty, walking the dogs at Frogmore and chatting,” the source said. Newsweek.

The Duke and Duchess of York are still on good terms and continue to live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor, where the puppies will join them, per People.

What did the Royal Family say about the Queen’s dogs?

Prince William has shared an update with the public on the Queen’s furry friends. During a surprise visit on September 17, Prince William told a mourner queuing to see the Queen lying in state that the dogs were in excellent condition.

“They are two very friendly corgis, so they have a good home,” Prince William said in a video captured by Sky Newsby HELLO! Magazine. “They’ll be very well cared for. Spoiled rotten, I’m sure.”

I know the Royal Dogs are in safe hands with those who loved the Queen and admired her deep appreciation for her four-legged family members.

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