How To Make TikTok’s ‘Symbol Name’ Viral Trend

A new trend sweeping TikTok has seen users turn their names into symbols to display on their profiles.

Since the app launched in 2016, its millions of users have found different ways to use the site and come up with new trends.

While some trends revolve around content and new video formats, other trends like the new “symbolic name” trend focus on how a person’s profile looks.

Increasingly popular in June and July, the trend is to use a third-party site to translate a name into symbols. Users then use it as a display name or wallpaper on TikTok.

The trend is very easy to do but involves a third party site to do the translation.

First, go to “symbolq on telegram2” on InstaFonts, accessible here.

Second, in the box at the top of the page that says “Type some text here…”, type in the name you want to turn into symbols.

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Once you have done this, the adjacent box will show the name translated into symbols.

Then you can copy and paste the name and use it wherever you want.

In a clip that has been viewed nearly 228,000 times, TikTok user @kiyovtt showed how he did it with a tutorial.

Other users in the comments thanked them for the tutorial and tagged their friends so they can join the trend as well.

Another recent trend on the social media platform sees parents asking their children if they will support them in a fight.

Meanwhile, viral trend Gentleminions has left children “in tears” as groups of boys show up at cinemas in costume to watch the film.

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