“Joe Millionaire” returns in 2022: here’s what you need to know

Whether you are a Single Superfan of the nation or a devoted Island of love viewer, clear your schedule because a (kind) brand new reality show is debuting this evening. Joe Millionaire: For the richest or the poorest is about to take your Thursday nights and you’re definitely going to need your biggest bowl of popcorn for this one.

The first seasons of Joe millionaire aired in 2003, almost 20 years ago. Tonight the show is back with a group of 20 women and two hard-core CEOs who are ready to find love.

Ready to get into the drama? Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about the show, from how it works to how you watch it:

The old one Joe millionaire only worked two seasons.

Here’s a quick recap of the show’s original premise: The First Joe millionaire season in 2003 with Evan Marriott, 28. Marriott was an underwear model before embarking on a career in construction, but every woman on the show learned he was heir to a massive $ 50 million fortune.

The idea was that by lying to applicants, Marriott would be able to see which applicants were there for the right reasons, which is to fall in love (sounds familiar to you?). Marriott revealed their true financial situation in the season finale, and if the winning nominee decided to stick with him, the couple would split a million dollar prize.

Its winner, Zora Andrich, decided to stay with Marriott and won the money, but the couple eventually broke up.

Later that same year, the series dropped another season called The next millionaire Joe. This time, David Smith played the role of a fake oil mogul who was supposedly worth $ 80 million. He and his winner, Linda Kasdova, went their separate ways just after filming was finished. But they didn’t receive the $ 1 million prize. Instead, Kasdova walked away with $ 250,000, while Smith took home a 90-acre ranch in Texas.

Oh, and for the record: Both seasons had the same host, Alex McLeod, who you may know as the host from the original. Commercial spaces.

If that sounds a bit, well, dishonest, you’re not the only one. Marriott first told producers, “I don’t think it’s for me. That’s when they said, “We’ll give you $ 50,000 if you go with the flow here and do as we say.” So I said, ‘OK, very good’ “, he shared with Vulture in 2015.

Now there are two stars and the contestants have to decide which one is the real millionaire.

Construction CEO Kurt Sowers, 32, and Agriculture CEO Steven McBee, 27, both take on the role of “Joe” this time around. Here they are (Kurt is on the left, while Steven is on the right):


The show’s 20 contestants know one is a millionaire, but the other isn’t, and they’re tasked with determining which stud is both the perfect match and the one with the biggest bank account. The basic idea is always the same: If women don’t know who the “regular Joe” is, then I hope they fall in love with Sowers and McBee for the right reasons.

The guys weren’t sure what they signed up for at first.

Even the “Joe’s” themselves admitted that they really had no idea what they were getting into. “We had no idea what the original show was. Every time we’ve been up there on set and they’ve dropped it all, ‘It’s the reincarnation of Joe millionaire. ‘ I was like, ‘Great, who’s Joe? What is Joe Millionaire? ‘ I had no idea, ”said McBee We weekly.

The sowers were already familiar with the series, but did not fully understand what it meant to be “Joe”. “[Producers] walked into the room and they were all excited, like, “Hey, you’re gonna be Joe Millionaire!” I looked at the producers and said, ‘Great! It’s great for you guys. And they say, ‘No, it’s good for you!’ “, he said. “It was funny!”

Joe millionaire for the richest or the poorest lr brookell, steven and amanda in the first episode of the series


McBee added that the new season is totally different from the other two. “The original show definitely misled women. It was more of a lie to these women. And in this remake, there is no lie whatsoever, ”he shared with Us weekly.

“Women know exactly what’s going on. They know one of us is richer than the other, they just don’t know who’s who, what in the grand scheme of things shouldn’t matter.

The “Joe’s” even teased what to expect from the coming season.

As Single Clayton Echard has a new host and an old one Single Jesse palmer Meanwhile, the new “Joe’s” were grateful to lean on each other throughout the shoot.

“Kurt and I had a very similar perspective on how we viewed eliminations and who we thought we were there for the right reasons and who wasn’t,” said McBee. “So that made it a whole lot easier, having Kurt there to bounce those ideas and thoughts and really come up with a nice opinion.”

As for what lies ahead this time around, Sowers shared that “there is really a lot of love in the show.” [and] actually a lot more taxing on both of us than I think either of us expected, ”he added, by Us weekly.

Joe Millionaire: For the richest or the poorest premieres tonight for two hours (and drops new episodes every Thursday) at 8:00 p.m. You can watch it live on Fox or any streaming service including Fox, including fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, and DIRECTV Flux.

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