Mary J. Blige, 51, Flaunts Epic Arms and Legs in Retro Romper Photos

  • Mary J. Blige showed off her epic legs and muscular arms in a retro romper in photos of herself attending a birthday bash in New York this weekend.
  • The 51-year-old singer lifts heavy weights to get sculpted strong.
  • Mary listens to her body and eats whatever she wants.

Mary J. Blige is the life of the party. But you already knew that.

In a photo from Fat Joe’s birthday party in New York this weekend, Mary showed off her sculpted legs and mega-defined arms in a retro romper. She looks as toned as she looks stylish while toasting the birthday boy.

Mary completed the look with iconic accessories. She knows her big jewels! Her shimmering heart-shaped necklace, matching bracelet and chunky silver hoops caught the light and her sleek white belt brought together all the little epic details.

Mary is strong all over as she flaunted her post-holiday glow.

Mary J. Blige in New York.

Shareif Ziyadat//Getty Images

The 51-year-old singer previously shared how her self-confidence has grown over the years. When asked one thing she would say to her younger self, Mary replied, “When you’re young, you’re reckless. You don’t want to hear love for you,” she began. “But that’s probably one of the things I would say to her,” Mary said. Self in 2019.

Now, however, “Mary’s body image and self-esteem are pretty good,” she told Self. As it should be!

Look at this pose.

Mary listens to her body. “What I love about my body now is that I can hear it talking to me,” she said. Self. “After going through so much in your life, you can hear your body saying, ‘Okay, enough partying.'”

The i can love you the singer is normally quite low-key about her workouts. But she has already revealed that she loves resistance training. “I do a lot of weights, I lift heavy. It keeps everything firm,” Mary said. Health in 2020. Well, that explains those epic legs!

Mary also noted that she’s not too strict when it comes to her diet. She listens to her desires and eats what feels good. She loves vegetables and fudge cupcakes, for Health. Now that’s a combo.

I like the way you think, Mary!

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