Orkney motocross student makes a name for herself in the dirt

A student from Orkney has spent her summer winning accolades and awards in the fast-paced world of motocross racing.

Eight-year-old Megan Flynn will start P5 at Papdale Elementary School later this month. But despite her young age, she already has years of cycling experience.

Megan is the only female junior in the Orkney Motocross Club and has racked up trophies and awards.

Her father instilled in her a love of horseback riding, and she still enjoys going out on the track with him.

Fight the boys to be the best

Although motocross has been a male dominated sport for decades, pioneers like Megan are bridging this gender gap.

She’s often the only girl to run in her age group, but she takes inspiration from older riders, such as Barbara Leslie and Kayleigh Swannie.

On race day, Megan Flynn isn’t intimidated by being one of the few riders. Provided by Stéphanie Davies.

A few tremors on race day are natural for any runner, and Megan said she quickly settles into her pace and pushes aside any doubts.

“I’ve always loved bikes and have been watching motocross since I was little. One race day I get very nervous for the first few laps and then I feel better, but the butterflies in my stomach never go away.

Mum Stephanie Davies said Megan never shies away from the thrill of competition.

“Being the only girl in her league adds a little bit of pressure I think, she’s been meaning to be up there with the boys from the very beginning and is thrilled to have her name on other trophies.”

Nothing prevents him from doing his best.

-Mom Stephanie Davies

Megan’s success in motocross is based on points that go towards an overall season total, as well as individual rewards with each race.

She recently brought home the Robertson Shield and the Arkh Angel Cup, to add her collection which includes the Thorpe Shield, the Paul Firth Memorial Cup and the E&W Dass Shield.

8-year-old Megan Flynn loves tearing up the motocross track at her home in Orkney. Provided by Stéphanie Davies.

All in the family

Ms Davies said it was Megan’s father Keith who first attracted her to running. She has been running since the age of four. Before that, the family would go out to the track to watch Dad ride.

Ms Davies said with the roar of the engines and her dad cheering on, the traction on the track was too strong for Megan to resist.

What I love most about motocross is the time I spend with my dad.

-Megan Flynn, 8

“Ever since she was little, we used to go and watch her. She loves it ever since and always wanted to.

“Megan had to work hard to get to where she is now, she spent her first season sitting in the lower ranks of most meetings, but we saw a big improvement in the second season where she climbed a bit.

“She’s learned a lot the hard way that it’s not easy, and this year her hard work is really paying off. Nothing prevents him from doing his best.

Orkney motocross student
Papdale Elementary School P5 Megan Flynn, right, hovers over a jump with her father Keith near her tail. Provided by Stéphanie Davies.

Megan has her eyes set on a long racing career.

“It’s really good to win, I try my best and it makes me happy when I win. I definitely will when I get older, I would like to start competing in the south maybe next year. What I love most about motocross is the time I spend with my dad.

Megan is a local superstar

In recognition of her accomplishments, Megan was recently featured by the Orkney Islands Council as a “Superstar” student, as part of a council initiative to recognize student achievement during the summer vacation.

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