RHOA’s Shereé Whitfield’s Shereé Whitfield Website Debacle, Explained

If you look at the Real Housewives of Atlantayou’ll know that Sunday’s Season 14 finale was a loophole moment for Shereé Whitfield and her famed She by Shereé brand.

The long-awaited and highly memorable lifestyle brand took 14 years to create. And he finally made his debut in a flashy fashion show filmed in February. Bravo even had Shereé’s friend, Dwight Eubanks, who declared his first fashion show, shown in Season 1 of RHOAan “appalling… fashion show without fashion”, into the audience to provide his commentary.

For the record, he approved the second screening, Shereé said women’s health in an exclusive interview.

“He came to see me afterwards and told me that you had to be in Paris! In New York!” Shereé said W.H.. “But of course that was deleted.”

It was a real highlight of a final with fans really wondering if our daughter would make it this time. Cast member Kenya Moore cast doubt on the models (and their size). Samples were missing until the day of the show. And then… the collection of more than 20 pieces made its debut to a full house.

Jogger Bianca

Almost as quickly as the countdown on Bravo announced that SheByShereé.com was ultimately live and fanatics could get their hands on the modes, the site crashed. Almost immediately, the backlash began.

Some fans complained that the prices were too high. Others pointed to an uncanny resemblance to lower cost brands.

On Friday, September 9th, it looked like the site had encountered another problem, as visitors received another message from the Shereé team. “FORGIVE OUR PROGRESS!” it read, “IT WAS A FULL HOUSE!”

Melanie Sanders, who represents Shereé, said the site was temporarily unavailable while designers worked on “freshening up her new home”.

“The original hosting site really couldn’t handle this level of site traffic,” Melanie wrote at women’s health in an email. “They let us down miserably.”

Don’t worry, though. The representative promised that SheByShereé.com would be back in working order for the second part of the RHOA reunion on Sunday. (And Shereé promises that the reunion will be spicy!)

Just before the launch of the collection, Shereé met women’s health to applaud the critics.

Shereé thinks his website crash is actually a good thing.

“The frustrating thing is that when I hired them to do the website, I knew there would be an influx of people coming to the website for the finale. They’ve been coming to SheByShereé.com for months “, she explained.

Shereé asked his web designers if the infrastructure could handle 200,000 to 300,000 guests at a time, and he was told the bandwidth could support that.

“This is just another example of over-promising and under-delivering,” Shereé said. “But I’m so grateful. I stand in prayer; I get chills even thinking about how many people are still interested right now.

She added, “To keep crashing the website…it sounds bad, but it’s actually a good thing.”

What is She by Shereé?

This line is something RHOA folklore. In Season 1, which aired in 2008, viewers meet Shereé as she goes through a divorce from her ex-husband and former NFL star Bob Whitfield.

At the time, Shereé operated “one of the hottest boutiques” in Atlanta. But she had to close up shop to take care of her children.

She decided to launch her own line and organize a fashion show. The only problem? The clothes weren’t ready in time. After a bit of a frenzy, Shereé hosted an event where she showcased sketches of her designs instead. It was the aforementioned “fashion show without fashion”.

Shereé took a little break – she needed time to work on her castle after all – but was asked about her line again at the season 10 reunion. Andy Cohen asked Shereé what happened to She by Shereé, to which she replied, confusingly, “the joggers.”

When asked when the line will be available for purchase, Shereé replied, “September. Spring/Summer,” which is truly one of the best Housewives music videos of all time.

The joggers have yet to surface, but if Sunday’s fashion show was any indication, they look, in Dorit Kemsley’s words, “very chic.”

Shereé knows about the joke and said she used all the memes to her advantage.

“I get so many messages from people in similar situations, maybe not in fashion, but I had a dream that doesn’t come true,” Shereé said. “And I tell them to stay resilient and keep fighting like I did.”

Where can I buy She by Shereé?

Shereé asks fans for a little more patience. She says her website will be up and running by Sunday evening.

“I won’t sleep until this is understood,” she said. W.H.. She plans to drop five to six pieces every three to four weeks until the full collection of over 20 pieces is fully released. Here’s an overview from IG:

Did Shere copy Shein?

page 6, and many people online pointed out that one of Shereé’s pieces looked a lot like a gray crop top and leggings set available for purchase on Shein and Amazon.

I asked Shereé about it, and she said she hadn’t seen the reports but noted that other artists’ work often inspires fashion.

“I have a lot of people on a lot of websites looking at products and saying, ‘Oh, I like that, I’m inspired by that,'” she said. “Then you take that and put your own spin on it.”

Shereé said she had never seen the Shein or Amazon lookalikes before.

Why is it She by Shereé so dear?

“The majority of my pieces are custom,” Shereé explained. “Everything you saw on the track was personalized.”

A note on price: Shereé’s site items cost around $130, while a similar item shein together sells for $22. But you have to pay for quality, says Shereé.

“Anyone who follows Shereé Whitfield knows that everything I do is quality,” she said. “I’m quality.”

However, she reports an error: there was a confusion with the description on one of her t-shirts. Shereé staff tagged the item over $100, but did not note that it was hand-signed. An unsigned shirt would cost a lot less, Shereé explained.

“I can’t belittle myself and my time,” she said. “It’s my signature!”

Consider the Fit by Shereé collection

When she’s not building elaborate homes or fashion brands, Sheree hits the gym to keep fit and calm, she said. She swears by bodybuilding and plyometrics.

“It’s my time for me,” she said. “It’s so important.” She designed her clothes with movement in mind and spent time learning what works and what doesn’t.

Stay tuned for more drama as the RHOA will be back with the second part of the reunion on Sunday, September 11.

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