The Boyfriend Bob Haircut Trend for Fall 2022

Move over, cut the waist, wavy braids and shoulder-grazing locks. Right now, an old and new hairstyle is back in fashion, and it’s probably not what you expect: the bob. But not just any bob; buddy bob.

Before your mind turns to the retro pageboy haircut that 1920s flappers rocked or the shorter, choppier cuts that can sometimes be tricky to style, know that, true to its name, the boyfriend n It’s not your grandmother’s bucket hat. In fact, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kaia Gerber, and Laura Harrier have been seen sporting this relatively low-maintenance but still playful haircut recently, which consists of a square shape and more between lengths that you can style super polished or messy. and more relaxed.

Meet our expert: Jamie Wiley, celebrity hairstylist and global artistic director of Pureology

“Short hair is timeless,” says Jamie Wiley, celebrity hairstylist and global creative director of Pureology. “The bob is the ‘it’ haircut of the year and for good reason.”

According to Wiley, the boyfriend bob differs from a regular bob because it’s more square or blocky, and the length is longer than the bowl-shaped pageboy cut but slightly shorter than a lob. “Professionally, we call it a ‘box bob’,” she says, and that’s exactly what to ask your stylist about, just in case the more familiar ‘boyfriend’ tag hasn’t caught on. yet reached your local salon.

Since the boyfriend bob is super versatile, you can style this haircut in many ways. “It’s extremely versatile, so show off the squareness and precision of the cut by wearing it sleek and smooth,” says Wiley. “My go-to product for achieving the beautiful shine and elegance is Pureology’s Shine Bright Taming Serum.”

Wiley suggests using this cream-serum formula on wet or dry hair, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. “Applying to dry hair will enhance shine, smooth the cuticle, and give your look all-day wear,” she says. Wet hair can give a more lived-in look, and the boyfriend bob also looks great with wavy texture if that’s more your vibe.

It’s always a good idea to bring reference photos to the salon to discuss any haircut you’re thinking of with a pro, and the boyfriend bob is no exception. Your stylist can use these inspired images as a starting point, but ultimately the final length of your bob should be decided based on your face shape as well as your hair texture and density.

“The boyfriend bob is extremely square, so it’s best for people who have round and square face shapes,” says Wiley. “Round face shapes can create any look, and for those with a square face and an angular jawline, create a softer edge by adding bangs.”

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