The winner of the patient prize “an inspiration” for general medicine


A Launceston doctor selected as ‘most outstanding’ GP has been praised for his willingness to go above and beyond for patients.

Dr. Sana Mahmud receives her award from RACGP Board Chair Christine Nixon. (Photo: Stan Traianedes)

The votes are launched. Patients across Australia have recognized the effort of GPs and the relationships they have with them, honoring the value of this commitment by selecting the ‘most outstanding’ GP.

The Australian Patients Association (APA) annual awards took place on August 18 in Melbourne, with the most outstanding GP going to Tasmania-based Dr Sana Mahmud.

A member of the RACGP, Dr Mahmud is originally from Pakistan and has been practicing in Tasmania for just over a decade.

Although she has worked in several locations in different countries, she now resides in Launceston and is passionate about contributing to the health of her community.

Dr Mahmud said newsGP she is honored to win the award.

“I never thought that working in a small area like Launceston would get me to this point,” she said.

“So I’m touched by this recognition, and to be honest, it’s very surprising.”

As part of a strategy of ongoing engagement, the RACGP supports the annual APA Awards.

RACGP Board Chair Christine Nixon attended the ceremony and presented the Most Outstanding General Practitioner award.

“The RACGP has long and proudly supported the APA Awards,” Ms. Nixon said on the evening.

“We support the APA in its efforts to advocate for high quality patient-centred care, with GPs at its heart.

“The hard work of GPs and the value they bring to individual patients and whole communities is rarely recognized – this is a wonderful opportunity to recognize that.”

Dr. Mahmud has a particular interest in women’s health, obstetrics and gynecology, but also enjoys the overall variety that general practice offers.

“What I appreciate the most is being able to provide so much care for girls of all age groups, from early hormonal changes to pregnancy care and postpartum care,” she said. .

‘I really like the fact that due to the long waiting list in public hospitals in Tasmania, if patients can get more specialist GP care, that is very helpful to the local community.’

Because of her expertise in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Mahmud can provide this care in general practice, for which many patients in her community would otherwise be placed on waiting lists to see other specialists.

“I attract a lot of women and they are very happy with the care given because they don’t have to be on the waiting list for months and months,” she said.

Recognized for his commitment to providing comprehensive and holistic healthcare and treating each patient as an individual with respect and dignity, Dr. Mahmud was selected for the award based largely on the “significant amount” of feedback. positive and patient feedback.

‘[Her patients] all said she was kind, compassionate, supportive, considerate and knowledgeable,” Ms. Nixon said.

“In short, Sana puts the interests of patients first and goes above and beyond. She is also highly regarded by the refugee community where she does a wonderful job.

“Launceston are certainly lucky to have him… [she is] a source of inspiration for [general practice] occupation.’

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Australian patient awards most outstanding GP

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