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Whether it’s children or pets, it’s quite easy for them to think of the humans who take care of them as just a mom or a dad. And that’s pretty much what can be seen happening in this video that was shared on Instagram and has since gone viral of sorts. The video opens to show how a woman tries to tell her adorable pet dog that she also has a name that isn’t “Mom.” The video progresses to show how the dog gets quite confused about what he is saying, regardless if he even understands something or not.

It was shared on the Instagram page dedicated to the dog This Girl Emma or The Smiley Rottweiler. With over 73,500 followers on this page, several adorable videos and photos of this dog are regularly shared here. “Emma hates secrets,” reads the caption that accompanies this dog video.

Watch it below:

Shared on September 1, this video has received over 3.89 lakh likes so far.

“Both are adorable. Emma hit the dog lottery,” one Instagram user wrote. “OMG what a beautiful baby you have. God bless you both,” another person posted. “Heheheh this is a real conversation,” commented a third.

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